Why MT4 Trading Platform is Becoming Popular?


Some people perceive cryptocurrency trading platforms as complicated, hard, and time-consuming, but this is not true. MT4, a peer-to-peer trading platform, was launched with unique and amazing features. It has no fiat gateways, application programming interfaces (APIs), or centralized servers and provides a wide range of features for users and traders. 

MT4 is a fast and secure trading platform and some people believe that it is the easiest one to use for beginners. But does GlobeX360 offers MT4? Yes, GlobeX360, as one of the biggest traders also offers MT4. 

Here are 5 main reasons why the MT4 trading platform is becoming popular:

1. MT4 Platform Is Easy to Use

A trading platform must have several features. They should have a user interface and offer advanced technical analysis tools. Most people find MT4 very easy to use and understand. If a trader understands the underlying system of the platform, then he can trade cryptocurrencies with his ease. It also helps that there is no platform freeze or downtime. Most trading platforms fail to operate for hours or days at a time.

2. Monetization Options for Merchants and Investors

MT4 makes it easy for investors and merchants to connect to each other. Developers of this platform have built features like ‘pre-sell’ option, ‘naked’ option, and ‘panel’ options, which allow traders to monetize their work on MT4. Now there is no limitation on the number of customers who can connect to a particular account and there is no hard-coded limit for such transactions. 

3. Competitive Price

MT4 is the most affordable cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. They charge a minimal fee for trading and transferring funds from the merchant to the investor. For example, in a month, one can expect to exchange 5 million HODL coins (which is equal to $68,000) for $80. Most trading platforms charge $1-2 per trade. But MT4 is fairly priced.

4. Automated Trading Support

MT4 boasts of many advanced trading tools that enable traders to make optimal decisions. They have advanced behavioral models, sentiment analysis tools, charting, and social feedback tools. It makes it easy for traders to get live feedback and better trading results. MT4 is not hard to learn and novice traders can learn it in just a few days.

5. User-Friendly UI

MT4 has a beautiful and intuitive UI (User Interface). The cryptocurrency exchanges that were launched recently have become a major concern for traders. In order to stay ahead of competitors, MT4’s UI has been developed keeping in mind the needs of traders.

Another interesting feature is that MT4’s infrastructure is also the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and they will be able to increase the number of trading pairs that are available on MT4.

Future Prospects of MT4

A leading exchange in Asia now offers 1% commission on all trading pairs. Companies like Coinnest, Bithumb, Bitflyer, BTCC, and Yunbi are offering similar fees. MT4 traders can get the same lower fee when they will connect to the MT4 platform. Thus, MT4 is no doubt an amazing trading platform and its advanced features and uses make it more popular.

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