Why does QuickBooks error 6000 occur?

QuickBooks error 6000

Because of the variety of platforms available today, the software installation may be interrupted for a variety of reasons. Quickbooks, which is owned by Intuit, however, assist in resolving many issues. Quickbooks assists users in resolving issues by using error codes. This code represents the symptoms, causes, and possible reasons for resolving such an error. Quickbooks error 6000 is one such error code.

In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the code, its causes, and potential solutions for resolving such an error code. Let’s get started!

Quickbooks Error 6000: Brief Overview

When Quickbooks error 6000 occurs, it shows 3 or more digit errors with a message that indicates that it cannot open a company file. 

Some of the 6000 series errors codes that makes the file corrupt are displayed below:

Error Codes Descriptions
Error code 6176,0 A firewall prevents two computers from communicating with each other.
Error 6000, 107 The TLG file has been corrupted.
QB Error code 6000, 1076 The QB installation has been corrupted
Error 6010, 100

Error 6138, 105

Error code 6189, 83

The company is hosted by a local computer that is not the server.
Error 6012, 1061; 6144, 82; 6000, 82 Incorrect or inaccurate network configuration
6129, 101 Incorrect folder permissions or a malfunctioning Quickbooks Database server manager
6190, 816 In single user mode, any other user can access the company file
6000, 832 When hosting is enabled or when the ND file is not working properly.
6000, 305 Incorrect network configuration
QB Error 6144, 103 The path to your company file in the .ND file is incorrect.
6120, 0 One of the workstations is hosting the company file, or the firewall has blocked port 8019.
6147, 0 When you open a company file or restore a backup of a company,
6144,0 If the Windows user account that QBDM is using is corrupted,
6073, 816 The file may be hosted on multiple computers, or the connection may be blocked due to firewall settings.
6189, 1005 When you launch Quickbooks or open a company file, and this occasionally occurs on a sample file.


Causes of Quickbooks Error 6000

Quickbooks error 6000 can happen for a number of reasons. However, the following are a few of the major causes:

  • A firewall is preventing multiple computers from connecting.
  • The TLG file has been corrupted.
  • QuickBooks’ installation is defective.
  • a lack of network configuration
  • It’s possible that your company file is corrupted.

Few Things to Know before proceeding to the Solutions

Now that you are aware of the Quickbooks error 6000 and its causes, you are now eager to know the solutions to resolve such an error. However, before proceeding further, you need to update the Quickbooks and run the file doctor tool. It is worth noting that the quickbooks error code h202 can be resolved using the file doctor tool. Thus, it is required to indulge yourself into this tedious task before and then proceed to the troubleshooting solutions to resolve quickbooks error 6000.

Possible Solutions to Resolve Quickbooks Error 6000

Solution 1: Restore the backup

  • You can keep a backup copy of your file to ensure that it works as it should. You can execute the process by following steps given below:
  • Activate the company file.
  • Click on the file
  • Choose Utilities
  • If you want to stop hosting multi-user access, do the following:
    • Select the option to disable hosting multi-user access.
    • Select the yes tab in the stop hosting multi user access windows.
    • Close the windows in the company file by clicking the yes tab.
  • Also, reduce the length of your company’s file name to less than 210 characters. Try to use a name that only displays details and nothing else.

Solution 2: Configure your firewall and your anti-virus software

  • Launch the Quickbooks database manager.
  • Find the port monitor tab and Quickbooks version.
  • Make a note of the firewall port number.
  • Start your Windows firewall.
  • Select Advanced options.
  • Right-click on the inbound options and select the New Rule option.
  • Select Port.
  • At last, select Next

Solutions 3: Try to open the company file into another location

You can accomplish this by copying the file to a location other than the previous one, such as Desktop. You could also insert a drive from your local or network.

This will assist you in determining the status of QuickBooks error 6000.

Solution 4: Rename the .ND or .TLG file

  • Navigate to the company file location.
  • Locate the company file you’re attempting to repair.
  • Find the files with the.ND and.TLG extensions under the same name.
  • Change the extensions by right-clicking in them.
  • Check that the file extensions include the word.
  • At the end of them, they are OLD.
  • Reopen Quickbooks and log in once more.


Following the above-mentioned solutions, you can resolve the QuickBooks error 6000. In case the problem persists, you can connect with the relevant team for further assistance.

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