Why do cats not like water?

Many animals, such as dogs, enjoy bathing, which is not always the case with our pet friends. The explanation is found in their origin, but also in their nature. Cats love to be able to walk easily and quickly, but when they get wet or drown, they slow down!


Just because your pet hates getting a tiny drop on their coat does not mean that all cats do not need water. Some tribes do not even hate this thing and there are even cats who love to swim!

Van Turks, for example, love to bathe and enjoy the water. They are also called “swimming cats”. Siberians and Maine Coons also enjoy the water and do not bother to wash cat shampoo.


Their origin – To explain why cats do not need water, many people estimate their origin. Indeed, many species of cats today have been born in the Middle East, in some desert areas. In the desert, however, it is hard to find water! From a genetic point of view, cats would not simply be made to love water. However, most cats can swim naturally.

We also note that cats from regions with some large lakes are accustomed to the water: we can for example say the Norwegian, who come from the forests of Norway and love to jump in the water!

Cats do not like wet coats

One explanation that is often put forward to explain why cats do not need water is that they can not stop having their wet coat! So make sure your cat looks clean when it comes to getting out of the rain.

The water certainly weighs on the cat’s coat, hampering its movement and slowing it down. The feeling of its felines is the most hateful of all! In addition, a wet coat in cold weather can be unpleasant for cats, as their hair sometimes takes a long time to dry.

Their movement is disrupted in the water

All the cat owners have seen it: a cat can slide or climb where it wants, and no cabinet ever climbs on it! Our female friends are truly flexible and adaptable, and they know how to be discreet when it comes to moving around.

Even if they know how to swim, cats do not like to change in a difficult way in the water:

their movement is slow and they cannot escape quickly if there is danger.

The relationship with water between fear and pleasure

Yet, while most cats do not like water, they still enjoy it. Have you ever caught your cat staring at a tap? Cats need to understand what is happening in their environment, which is why, although they are afraid of the water, they end up being attracted to it.

Be careful, though, never to leave a full tub unattended: your cat may need to get close to it to see over the water, slipping, frightened, and tired trying to get out, end up in it. Walnut …


Those who have already tried it are well aware that cat washing can be very difficult! If the cat has never been accustomed to water, it may be against this idea. It is best to get used to it as a cat: moisten the glove with a little warm water and apply it to your cat to strengthen it, or worse. By continuing the steps, you should be able to adjust your cat to the water.

Why do cats hate water?

Do Cats Hate Water? Most cats do not need water. Worse still, they are afraid and avoid it at all costs, fearing dampness. But why do mammals hate water so much?

Not all cats are the same, but most of them are afraid of one thing: water. Yes, a small drop can make your hair stand on end. If they can sit for hours playing with tap water or their own spring, can nothing in the world get wet? 

The relationship is between water and cat

If cats are afraid of water, it is above all because they are afraid of getting wet. And yes, if cats are used for bathing regularly, they do not like the feeling of wet hair, and for good reason: “the cat is not made of waterproof coating. Moisture can lead to prolonged and painful drying of the hair and the risk of heat”, as a veterinarian on the site Favorites.

The story of the cat and the water

There is another reason why cats do not like water and it would depend on where they come from. As we know, in history, cats came from the Middle East, especially Egypt, where they were respected. Since they have lived in the desert for a long time away from any source of water, cats are not accustomed to swimming or hunting in the water. They are eager to survive on dry land.

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