What’s Included in a Complete Heater Repair Service?


Let’s talk about winter. A time to break out the weirdest socks you got just because you want to. Oh, and don’t forget the hot bowls of chicken noodle soup served in your cozy bed. It can be hard to imagine all these things if you are feeling cold. And nothing works up frustration more than a broken HVAC system that worked without a hitch all summer and decided to break at the last moment. Hiring a heater repair service is what you need at this point. But before you do that, we have put together a guide to walk you through all the little things you need to know about HVAC maintenance.

 Let’s talk about it in further detail.


What Makes for a Good Heater Repair Service?

Heating replacement is what we want to avoid here. Fixing what is broken and making sure it stays like that for the longest time is how we can do it.

 Why take care of your heating system?

Maintaining your HVAC system can do more for you than saving money and time. It can give you peace of mind when the new season arrives. It is easy to think your heating system is working fine because it didn’t present any issues in the summers. But it is recommended that you have it serviced once every 6 months. Besides, finding a good technician to take care of everything at the last minute can be nerve wracking.

 Things included in HVAC maintenance:

  •     Electric Connection Check: When you have a tight connection, the readings you get on the amp and voltmeter attest to it. If you have unstable current flowing, it can damage the system and render it useless.
  •     Condensate Drain: Make sure the drain is not clogged or blocked as the wastewater collected can start filling inside.
  •     Outdoor Unit: The outdoor unit has vents that collect debris all the time. Cleaning them is crucial for the system to work properly.
  •     Air Filter: Like any other filter, air filters collect all the dirt you need to keep your system clean. These filters need to get cleaned timely and changed when they wear off.
  •     Thermostat: You can set the thermostat according to how hot or cold you like your house to be. We recommend maintaining a steady temperature.
  •     Lubrication: All the machine parts need lubrication like a well-oiled engine. Without it, the parts develop resistance. It messes with the system and damages it as well.
  •     General Operation: Make sure your technician is satisfied with how the system is operating. As they know more about the system, they can tell when something isn’t right. Ask them to make sure nothing is left to check.

A trustworthy HVAC company like No Excuses Heating and Air can always make sure you are well taken care of. Afterall, it’s important no stone is left unturned when examining a heating system.

With that said, we believe you are more than prepared to hire a heating repair service. It makes sure you don’t have to worry about a single thing when it comes to HVAC systems.


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