What  Is Included in Industrial Cleaning Services?

If you own a warehouse, office, or factory, you must rely on a custodian or janitorial services to clean the area on a daily basis. However, depending on the industry and the amount of hazardous waste your business produces, some things and places will need more than just sweeping and mopping. For such occasions, you need industrial cleaning services.

What Are Industrial Cleaning Services?

These are specialized cleaning services for industrial areas like warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, offices, and self-storage buildings. These environments have high traffic and are busy, so industrial-level cleaning is the right option – as they will typically do this job with the help of specialized tools and techniques. 

Dirt and dust quickly gather up in these environments, so it is important to properly remove them to stop any harm to workers and the expensive machinery. Make sure the cleaning company you hire has highly-skilled individuals who can tackle your business’s specialized cleaning needs, like experts at Jan Pro OKC

What Should Industrial Cleaners Offer?

While choosing industrial or office cleaning companies, you should consider the following things in their services:

  • Focus on cleaning without interrupting your production and operations. 
  • Flexibility and time to quickly clean around the production schedules.
  • Specialized equipment and tools to clean and sanitize the areas properly.

What Is Included in The Services?

Some of the things that are a part of industrial cleaning services include:

  • Floor cleaning, refinishing and sealing
  • Heavy equipment wiping
  • Cleaning exhaust system
  • Power washing
  • Glass and window cleaning
  • Trash removal
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Construction dirt removal
  • Handy maintenance and repair
What Kind of Hazards Can You Avoid with Industrial and Office Building Cleaning Services?

Industrial cleaning can help you tackle a lot of environmental issues. The most common ones include:


The commercial or commonly used shared areas require constant cleaning to get rid of all sorts of contaminants. However, in cases where cleaning chemicals are involved, it is better to leave the job in the hands of professional industrial cleaners. These specialized individuals are trained to work in areas with chemical spills and other harmful materials.


Many old buildings still have asbestos. This material has been widely used in the past due to its insulation properties. However, it’s now been infamous since it was revealed that they could cause cancer. 

Unfortunately, it is still used in several products, though in a lower quantity as before. When you hire a team of industrial cleaners, they will help remove this material as much as possible. 


It is a very common problem in many structures; the mold is easily formed anywhere if there is light and moisture. If left unchecked, it can cause many health problems for the employees working in that environment—the familiar places where molds are usually formed in vents and air ducts.

More so, as they can dry out and flake, it makes it easy for people to inhale a large number of bacteria that cause a severe hazard to their health. 

Dust and Debris 

Keeping your workplace dust-free is the key to protecting the employees. People constantly come and go out of the factories and warehouses while dragging dirt in with them. Here the heavy-duty vacuums with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter used by industrial cleaners will help to keep the allergens and dirt under control. Taking these measures protects not only the work environment but also improves productivity. 

Is your workplace clean and well-maintained for your employees? Call a nearby industrial cleaning services provider to help you find where your warehouse and factory area stand and what kind of cleaning services you need.

Moving on, here are some of the most asked questions that will further help you understand what you can get with industrial cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does industrial cleaning involve?

Industrial cleaning services involve the use of specialist machinery and equipment to deep clean a specific area. Other cleaning products like solvents, chemicals, and agents are also used in the process.

What is the duties and responsibilities of cleaner?

When you hire industrial cleaning services, the cleaners will perform the following duties:

  • Clean designated facility area
  • Mop, dust, sweep, and vacuum
  • Carry out detailed cleaning tasks
  • Notifies the management if any repairs are required


What services does a cleaner offer?

Generally, when you hire cleaners, they will undertake the following cleaning tasks during the appointment:

  • High and low-level dusting
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Polishing, and many more

Contact your industrial cleaning services provider to find out what services they will offer you.

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