Two Best Mobile Phone Tracker Apps in 2021

Two Best Mobile Phone Tracker Apps in 2021

The use of phone tracking services is increasingly sought by many users, as seen in recent times. The major proportion of the seekers of the said service is of parents and employers, who have objectives of tracking the real-time whereabouts of their target users.

The idea of the parents and employers is to monitor their target users for all of their activities so that they may remain aligned with the prescribed family and corporate code.

The use of the phone tracker apps is primarily taken up for protecting the kids from potential issues of cyberbullying, harassment, cyber predating, and sex offending that can happen with them over the online and digital networks and social media.

The said activity also has an objective of restricting the kids from viewing inappropriate content that is in loads over the digital networks nowadays.

On the other side, employers seek to monitor their employees because they face a lot of productivity issues. A number of employees at the workplace start involving in unproductive stuff at the workplace that seriously erode their expected performance.

They start browsing social networks and videos and music that kill their productivity, the employers look to restrict access to these activities because employee productivity is the most vital predictor of organizational performance.

Going with all this discussion, the best solution that can address all the needs of the parents and employers is the use of a  best phone tracker app. There are number of phone tracking applications that can serve employers and parents, but the best two of them are TheOneSpy and OgyMogy.

We will be having an extensive review of the features and functions of both spy apps.

1. TheOneSpy

It is currently one of the best phone tracker apps that can be installed on the android or iPhone of the target user. It has state-of-the-art spying features that can actively record each and every bit of communication performing on the target device.

Location tracking feature of TheOneSpy

The app logs the entire movement of the target user in the form of a log. The generated log can be accessed from the online web portal of the spy app. Using the feature, the end-user can identify the pinpoint location of the target user at any point of time.

This is helpful in protecting the kids from indulging in criminal activities by finding out their location instantly. Moreover, the employer can restrict the movement of the employee in the competitor’s place.

Restricting the movement to certain premises

The movement of the target user can be restricted to limited premises. The employer can restrict the employees from contacting the competitors physically. Besides this, the kids can be restricted from getting into crime-prone areas.

The feature works by assigning allowed and forbidden zones for the target user as per end-user requirements. In this way, every time the target user tries getting into forbidden areas, the end-user gets a notification through email.

Spy 360 records surrounding activities

The surround recording feature is quite a gem in limiting workplace harassment issues with female workers. The phone tracker can spy on surrounding activities of the target user by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target phone, thus providing a fair insight into the surroundings of the accused if there is any suspicious activity.

2. OgyMogy

OgyMogy, nowadays, is one of the leading applications providing phone tracking services. It is primarily aimed at providing parental control services but equally good for employee monitoring as well.

Internal storage tracking

The contacts, calendars, appointments, browser history, and other browser functions can be extensively controlled using the phone tracker.

Website blocking

The websites and URLs that contain irrelevant information for the kids and employees can be blocked. The video and music streaming websites can be included in the list, and websites containing immoral content can also be blocked.

Live screen recording

The phone tracker can record all the live performing activities over the phone screen. The activities are recorded in the form of short videos, and they are saved over the dashboard. For more information, please refer to the official websites.


The best phone tracking services nowadays are TheOneSpy and OgyMogy. They have vital significance for the parents and employers.

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