Top 18 Netflix Christmas Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Top 18 Netflix Christmas Movies

Nowadays, people prefer Netflix Christmas movies and tv serials, Xmas movies, web series, and all. After covid 19  it became the most popular platform in India also.

What Is Netflix In Actual Terms?

Netflix is a streaming service offering many award-winning television shows, films, anime programs, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-based devices.

Whenever you like, without one ad, all at a low monthly cost. You can watch as much as you wish! Something new is to be discovered, and every week new TV shows and films are added! There are many movies you can watch on Netflix, but today in this article we will mainly discuss the good Christmas movies on Netflix which you can watch and enjoy this Christmas…! 

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18 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

There are many old Netflix movies Christmas available on Netflix, many series are there. 

Today we will discuss all the Netflix Christmas movies available, for the weekend and the month ends. We can watch these movies whenever we want.

Whether you are preparing for the holiday, or you are the guy who is celebrating Christmas in July – or essentially at every time of the year, Netflix has everything you need to create a marathon for the Christmas film. There are many holiday movies on Netflix.

Netflix Christmas movies are no more robust than the famous Christmas films of the Hallmark Channel, but you can still fill up your snowfall, hot cocoa, and magic with Santa on request.

See this selection of family Christmas movies on Netflix and originals from Netflix and plan your holiday watch. Now you can enjoy these movies whenever you want.

1. Christmas With My Father

So The first best movie among the best movies to watch on Netflix is Christmas with my father.

The movie is all about Christmas and the main character is played by Jack Whitehall. The Christmas comedy special of comedian Jack Whitehall revolves around his legendary crochet father—and includes Queer Eye gang cameos and an entire show trying to put his father in the spirit of the holiday. This is the best among the Netflix Christmas movies.

2. Christmas On The Square

Netflix Christmas movies include the movie played by everyone’s favorite Dolly Parton i.e. Christmas on the square. The land legend is a legendary angel who tries to get Scrooge town (playing Christine Baranski) to have a heart in this super-schmaltzy Christmas musical. This is one of the best among the Christmas movies, Netflix. 

3. Alien Xmas 

Do you want a small child-friendly holiday dose?? So here we have a good movie from the collection of Netflix Christmas movies. Try this charming short, lively Christmas special, where aliens from Grinchy are committed to stealing all presents—and a young Elve act of kindness can save the day.

4. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

 This movie is the best Christmas movie on Netflix. This lovely Christmas movie, packed with big names and songs from John Legend, follows a young girl on a mission to help her big-father rejuvenate his greatest creation. You will play songs (and dance numbers) time and time again in mind, and the whole story will be loved by adults and children alike.  Don’t look anymore for a happy Christmas film, fresh and creative. It is good to go from the Netflix holiday movies.

5. White Christmas

This 1954 movie is one of the most classical Christmas films of all a must-see holiday season. Netflix Christmas movies include this family Christmas movie that is a one time seen movie a classic and the best movie for Christmas. It is right for the whole family – if you can remove children from the animated movies – and offer the kind of Christmas spirit that is difficult to recreate. It is one of the Feel good movies on Netflix.

6. The Knight Before Christmas

This addition to Netflix’s growing collection of romantic Christmas movies on Netflix of the Hallmark Channel) is the story of a medieval Knight who magically transports himself in modern-day Ohio.  Predictably, romantic PG antics are coming, but they are no less valuable than this cheesy click. It is the best romantic Christmas movies on Netflix.

7. Klaus

This delightful Christmas movies on Netflix follows a spoiled postmaster to a distant unforgettable outpost in his new station, where he meets a wooden man with a sparkling white bear and an eagerness to make toys. This movie is creative and interesting as a new narrative of the story of Santa Claus with enough touching moments and warming scenes to make any smile. A Nominated Academy Award for this Christmas film. This is one of the best from Netflix Christmas movies.

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8. A Very Murray Christmas

Bill Murray brings some famous faces—George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, and Maya Rudolph, to name a few—together in this musical comedy special. You’ll enjoy seeing your favorite stars sing Christmas classics like “Let It, Snow, Let It, Snow, Let It Snow” and “Silent Night. So you will love this Christmas movie on Netflix.

9. Holiday Rush

One of the best from Netflix Christmas movies is the holiday rush in this movie a successful Radio DJ (and recent widower) is ready until he loses his job and has to cut back during the giving season, to celebrate the holidays with his four children This family-oriented film has a warm, encouraging message on what matters in the season: See for lots of warm sensations every year,  search for entertainment and go here and there a must watch a movie, Holiday rush.

10. Fireplace for Your Home

Collection of Netflix Christmas movies includes this movie. This isn’t a traditional Christmas film, but nothing is more festive than a rustling fire. Filling the room with comfort is just as simple as turning on this almost-movie if you have no fireplace (or the energy to build a fire in your

fireplace). It even has realistic crackles and pops—play along with it your favorite Christmas music, and you have a perfect night to photograph. The only downside is that the time is one time, so you need to restart the video a few times if you want hours of fire-fighting pleasure.

11. The Holiday Calendar

A further romantic  Christmas film in the collection of Netflix Christmas movies follows an aspiring photographer who is stuck in a dead-end job in her small town. An old Advent calendar passed by her grandmother just comes in time to show her love — and to fulfill her more. This is a good movie and we can watch it over and over again and again. It is very entertaining.

12. The Princess Switch

In this sweet holiday film that combines the wrong identity with baking, real romance, and more, Vanessa Hudgens stands out as a pair of Doppelgangers in the style of the Parent Trap. This is the best romantic Christmas film from the bunch of Netflix Christmas movies this is the next best thing if you have already looked at every Hallmark Christmas movie available. you must watch this movie’s amazing star cast and the great storyline it has Impressive.

13. Santa Girl

In this movie, the challenge is to be Santa’s daughter. She should follow the company of the family—and marry an approved man beforehand. Cassie Claus (Jennifer Stone) fleeing these guidelines is able to participate in the real world in a college semester. This is the best family Christmas movie you can enjoy on your weekends.

14. Holly Start

This is the best Christmas movie on Netflix ever. Rom-Coms are known for their protagonists, but Holly Star could win. The principal character is a lucky marionette who returns for holidays to her hometown in Maine and looks at all the missing pieces in her life. one time watching a movie definitely goes for it.

15. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

Since Hillary Duff’s film 2004, the Cinderella Story movie series has been around. The fifth and latest installment by Laura Marano is about a successful singer-songwriter who takes a shot during the Christmas season.

16. This Christmas

The old movies are love it is the old Christmas movie. The 1970 song by Donna Hathaway of the same name inspired this Christmas. The Whitfield family, first gathered in four years, deals with anything that remains unanswered. This is the oldest Christmas movie in the collection of Netflix Christmas movies.

17. A Very Murray Christmas

Murray A Very Weihnachts almost feels too good to be true. It’s a special Christmas movie studio about the creation of a special Christmas. The overview is directed by Sofia Coppola, starring Bill Murray, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, Chris Rock, Rashida Jones, Miley Cyrus, and an amazing casting of finest singers and composers.

18. Merry Happy Whatever

This is the long-lasting movie in the bunch of Netflix Christmas movies, the storyline is a great must-watch movie. The vacation can be a hustle and bustle, especially if you first introduce someone to your family. A holiday-themed series on Netflix, a Dennis Quaid father, gracefully confronts a new boyfriend’s daughter – not always.

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New Christmas Movies On Netflix Are 

Netflix contains a whole universe of movies. Many movies are available on Netflix. But there are some New movies, Christmas Also.

As Christmas is nearby so we will tell you the latest and new Netflix Christmas movies so that you can make your Christmas more happening by watching these movies with your loved ones.

  1.  A California Christmas 
  2. The Christmas Chronicles 2
  3. Just another Christmas
  4. Angel’s Christmas wish 
  5. Operation Christmas drop 
  6. Holiday 
  7. Christmas crossfire 
  8. Midnight at the magnolia 
  9. The princess switch 
  10. A Christmas Prince. 

So these were some new and the latest movie from the collection of Netflix Christmas movies. These are amazing and one-time watch movies which will entertain you for sure.

Are Movies Free On Netflix? 

When Netflix was new in the market it provided free trial movies but when Netflix went to that stardom all things changed as all the businesses are run to earn the profit. So it’s Sad, Netflix is no longer offering free or free trial movies or TV shows. You can view the whole catalog of Netflix or see other suppliers such as Prime Video or Hulu offering free trial programs. Now there is a new collection on Netflix that is Netflix Christmas movies.

Netflix Plan For Subscription In India

Netflix Plan For Subscription In India

In India, Netflix wants more users so it’s got a new plan. They want to become the most booming platform for movies so they have introduced a new collection on Netflix named Netflix Christmas Movies. It is also its most affordable plan. The 199 RS plan for Indian users is available, but while it is cheap, we think that if you can find people who are sharing their costs, the RS 799 plan is better. Now it’s up to you which package you are comfortable with.

This 199 plan will definitely turn into a big and drastic business change in India for Netflix. As this plan is so affordable for all. Students, teachers, old age, middle man and all the people can afford this plan easily.


These movies are best to make your day perfect as they are accommodated with the best star cast, songwriters, lyricist composers. All the shining stars are there in these movies. Some movies are romantic, some are comedies, some have thrills, and some are watched with family movies. 

We have covered all the genres of Christmas movies now the decision is yours like which movie you will select from the bundle of Netflix Christmas movies.  Don’t feel the Bodrum select the one movie, take the bucket of popcorn and coke and start watching all these movies. We know you will love watching these. Covered all Netflix Christmas movies.

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