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Digital Marketing Strategies

The recent political and social chaos has had a huge impact on the future of digital marketing. It’s no wonder that many organizations are cautiously optimistic about what lies ahead for 2020, even with all these crazinesses going around! As an agency dedicated to helping clients navigate this tumultuous period in time successfully by providing them excellent service throughout every industry sector–including law firms like ours who have seen their businesses grow because we’re able not only understand our client needs but also identify opportunities where they can get ahead too –we thought it would be good idea put together some predictions regarding trends you’ll see next year when things settle down just enough so your business doesn’t fall off. Marketing is a fascinating field. You can always tell when someone has done their research because the sentences they write are full of facts and figures, but it’s not just about knowing what information to put in – there’s also how best present that data so people will actually listen. Nothing stays stagnant for long when we’re talking about marketing strategies – no matter which way you slice it these days, something new will come around eventually (whether its Facebook ads or gift cards from Amazon). All this means? Your outlook on current trends should be evolving too; as we speak those frameworks may look very different than whereyou’ll find yourself 10 years down road. We have some ideas about the direction things will take in a few key areas of marketing.

  1. User Experience –UX has become one of the most important aspects in SEO because it impacts how users interact with your website. As UX designers, we need to think about what our end-users will be doing when they come across your site and design for them accordingly.Google is now including so-called “UX signals” in its rankings. The Core Web Vitals, which companies can use to measure their UX health and improve the user experience for everyone on a website or app has been released by Google webmaster central blog authors According post from (May 2020), they mention that there are new factors added into searches ranking algorithm called “UX Signals” because of this change with regard towards how people search these days; no longer just looking at keywords but instead taking into account what you’re trying say through design as well such as color schemes/font types etcetera. It’s time to get serious about your website design. In 2021, a modern and intuitive UX will be just as important of an asset for ranking in web searches than on-page SEO or off page optimization efforts like social media marketing campaigns may have been before.
  2. Semantic Search – The way people search for things on the internet is changing and so much of SEO will be shaped by it. While this seems like a simple thing, there’s more than meets the eye: Semantics refers to words in their contexts–their relationships with other words or phrases that can change how we look at them depending whom they’re used against. Moving forward into an era where our every move online could potentially come back and haunt us if done carelessly? Well not anymore thanks. In 2021 and beyond, search engines will be powering the way we find information. Semantic Search is how these algorithms determine context, intent and meaning needed to fetch relevant content with every query made – in layperson’s terms this means that your incomplete or grammatically incorrect queries can still get you what you’re looking for. Semantic search is about the user experience as much it’s about SEO when you think about it. Rather than putting people at risk of not finding what they need because their queries weren’t precise enough–that perfect sequence or words-search engines themselves will take on that responsibility by interpreting our gibberish, fragmented language and obscure questions .
  3. Search Intent – We believe that by 2021, the marketers who understand their audience’s intent and questions they are asking will achieve better organic search rankings. It is not controversial of a take when you consider Google’s recent changes in 2019 to roll out its BERT update dedicated “understanding” peoples’ searches better. Here’s what Googlesaid about this new development: Google rolled out its Believe your customers (BERT) update earlier this year with one goal–to make sure everyone involved online has an opportunity for success through understanding customer behavior on websites-both mobile & desktop versions—and how people interact within those Engaged. In a world of bots, Google has been making waves with its new update to the algorithm. Gone are the days where you have limited options for finding what your looking into and instead can now ask anything from any region or country without being limited by location. In just six months time since rolling out this rather massive update on July 20th 2017 we’ve seen an exponential increase not only in how many people use google search but also their conversational tone as well which I’m sure will make life easier than ever before if even remotely possible. Imagine a 600% increase in organic traffic to one of your high-value landing pages, just by making things more human. It’s amazing how far empathy can take you! After all that’s what optimizing for intent is really about—putting yourself into the shoes of someone who might be viewing or interacting with content on your site and caring enough to do so earnestly without neccessarily knowing it’ll turn out this way when they start reading/interacting etc

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