Top 8 WordPress Plugins 2022

WordPress is still the leading CMS out there in 2022. Its plugin and theme constructing system is used on various businesses, online stores, and blog websites.

With WordPress plugins, you can improve your website in a couple of easy steps, and we made a list of the best ones that you can use in 2022:

1. UnderConstructionPage

Under Construction – WordPress dodatak | Hrvatski

UnderConstructionPage WordPress plugin offers templates for every user purpose, and a configuration is simple and fast. Hide your page during its creation, maintenance of the site, or create a coming soon page. Under construction mode can be set as on/off, automatic End Date&Time feature is available, and title for SEO, page description, and Social icon links are among other excellent features of this plugin.

UnderConstructionPage has simple to use Drag&Drop Builder and up to 320+ templates. You can track and target your site traffic and share links on social media, and by using the UnderConstructionPage plugin, you can build a one-page site in a minute, if you need one.

2. WP Maintenance

Maintenance – WordPress plugin |

Another great WordPress plugin in 2022 is WP Maintenance. It has more than 700K, active users. Features that attract them are ones that everybody needs on their WordPress site.

WP Maintenance plugin has a page builder with Drag&Drop features that is easy to use. With WP Maintenance you will have aces to almost 4 million HD images to use for free. There are 20+ ready-made themes, built-in SEO tools for optimizing your site, and a Secret Access Link you can share with your clients so they can see the site you are building for them.

WP Maintenance plugin includes full rebranding and a centralized dashboard, and you get access to fast customer support from its developers.

3. WP Reset

WP Reset - WordPress Development & Debugging Tool for Non-devs

WP Reset will reset your website to the default settings. It can delete only parts of your content or all content and customizations, just choose what you need. It provides built-in snapshots and using its one-click feature, you can prevent losing your data by accident. It speeds up your site with its testing and debugging features.

Using WP Reset, you can make a collection of plugins and themes to install after you reset your site. There is a great recovery option with automatic snapshots you can use and many other great features.

4. WP 301 Redirects

301 Redirects – Easy Redirect Manager – Extension WordPress |  Français

WP 301 Redirects plugin will improve your site SEO and the overall experience of your visitors. This plugin will create redirects and help you in managing them. Furthermore, you will receive redirect statistics and Import/Export feature.

WP 301 Redirects plugin offers more features: Instantly boost meaningful traffic, Ignore bad traffic, and Take control over Redirects with built-in charts.

5. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box Review: Crediting authors has never been easier - WPBlogX

Simple Author Box is a plugin to create an author box containing the author name, author bio, and social profile fields in your post. You can customize it to blend in with your theme.

Simple Author Box has prime features like choosing where to position the author box, adding or not adding author links to its website, and using guest authors and co-authors options. You will have 50+ choices to customize the author box layout.

6. WP Sticky

WP Sticky - Make a sticky menu, header or any other WordPress element

WP Sticky plugin is a useful one to have on your site. This plugin will help you make a sticky header, sticky menu, fixed widget, and sticky logo.

WP Sticky doesn’t require any coding. You can use the WP Sticky plugin with any other WordPress theme, page builder, or plugin of your choice.

7. WP External Links

WP External Links plugin controls and manages all links on your site, and supports features such as “no opener”, font icons, and internal links options. With Link scanner, you can check every link on your site and its status, and to see is it redirected, or broken, and what page is indeed linked to your site.

8. Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet Spam Protection is a plugin that automatically checks comments and contact form submissions across the global database of spam and restrains your site from circulating malicious content. In the comment, body URLs are shown.


These are all great plugins, so use them all. Get the maximum from your site to impress your users.

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