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Videos have become the cornerstone of entertainment and advertising. According to latest research 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool as result videos ads are the first choice of  digital marketers. And nowadays, it has become easier for individuals without any video-making skills to make appealing and professional videos.

These video making tools allow users not just to make amazing videos but even add different visual effects like sound and 3D animation to make their videos look professional and polished. And yes, these video makers do not require any coding or technical skills.

What’s more? With the right video making tool, you can easily create wonderful videos and clips ready to be shared on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Besides that, you do not have to face the problem of watermarks and time limitations.

With all the research done, here are the most professional video makers you can get started with this 2022:

1. OpenShot

Super compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows, OpenShot is one of the best open-source video-making solutions in the online market right now. This powerful video editor boasts innumerable useful features.

It comes with an easy-to-use and simple drag-and-drop interface that’s quite convenient for beginners in video making. The advanced features of this movie maker include video transitions, real-time previews, unlimited layers, and many other options for keyframes, animation, and video effects.

Furthermore, OpenShot makes it extremely easy to slice and cut videos and add as many layers as required for background videos, watermarks, and audio. You even get the option of importing your very own music, videos, and images.

2. Magisto

This well-known video editor helps create top-quality visuals by using its most distinctive features. This comes with automatic editing potential wherein it examines your visual content and offers the most effective way of editing the same.

This auto video creator offers some of the best editing styles while also giving users the option of adding captions and logos to their videos. With Magisto, you get innumerable templates that will make it easy for you to create videos right from scratch.

You even get to edit and reorder different scenes while uploading 30 to 60 images per movie. The templates available with Magisto feature varied themes, making it very easy for users to make videos as per occasion, requirement, and preference.

Magisto is perfectly suitable for agencies and marketing professionals looking to generate leads through top-quality videos and improve brand awareness.

3. InVideo

It is the best online video maker , especially in terms of features and effects. Regardless of whether you are looking to make YouTube video introductions, music videos, or business presentations, these super-intuitive and easy-to-use video-making platforms will help you create top-quality videos like a pro, and that too within seconds.

It is the best tool you can use if you do not possess any experience in making videos. It comes with pre-built templates and other features that make it very easy for you to create wonderful, professional videos from feature-rich templates.

And the best part about using this tool is that it even works as a video editor, helping you add filters and effects while trimming down clips that do not suit the subject matter of your content.

It lets you create an account for free and is the best video making tool for solopreneurs, social media marketers, agencies, drop shippers, digital marketers, YouTube creators, and business owners.

With 5000+ fully customizable templates and 12M+ royalty-free video clips and images, it has become one of the best video making tools for beginners and experienced marketing professionals.


VSDC is a free, open-source video creator available to Windows users only, with both paid and free versions, 

This video creator supports almost all the video codecs and formats. VSDC’s free version is quite good, especially for regular video creating requirements. The paid version offers advanced features that professionals can use.

Overall, VSDC is a simple to use video creator solution with exclusive features such as audio and visual effects, filters, color correction, and blending modes. Masking and motion tracking are other essential features available with it.

VSDC comes with an intuitive and modern interface using varied wizards, so video creation and editing will be hassle-free and simple for the users. Despite its simplicity, VSDC offers a plethora of features allowing users to make lengthy and complicated videos without frustration and annoyance.

5. Animoto

There’s nothing like Animoto when it comes to creating videos of superb quality. This cloud-based video creator is one that you can effectively use for transforming your images, music, and video clips into slideshows for marketing and promotional purposes.

Since it is cloud-based, Animoto is perfectly compatible with different platforms. It even comes with a vast library of registered music and an assortment of templates, filters, and styles to take the users’ online video creating task to an entirely new level.

This offers HD video making and editing support, color customization, pre-built marketing storyboards, a font library, and video downloading and sharing capability making it a superb video creation platform for beginners and professionals. It works for anyone looking to make attention-grabbing visuals!

6. Lightworks

Yet another powerful and top-quality video creator solution, Lightworks comes power-packed with some of the most useful attributes. It has both free and paid versions available for interested users.

Nevertheless, Lightworks’ free version will be more than enough for non-professional users. Multi-cam support, high-precision video trimming, and the potential to export to 720p for YouTube are some of the best features available with Lightworks.

Also, it supports a plethora of video formats while offering several audio and video editing options. It even comes with several video tutorials helping users understand the right way of working on it.

Final Thoughts

You will greatly benefit from any one of these top video makers, regardless of whether you are a marketer, online educator, or influencer. You should add SEO on to your marketing strategies for monitoring the benefits from videos. There’s no difficulty using these video-making solutions as most are available for free. Just pick the one that meets your requirement.

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