The most common mistakes when repairing a bathroom

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When improving a bathroom, you will have to deal with waterproofing, wiring, plumbing, and sewerage. But even with the design of this small room, everything is not easy. Online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style has collected the most common mistakes that many make.

A bathroom is a technically complex room in which all communications are concentrated. In a small space, you need to develop a competent layout and arrange it not visually to clutter up with unnecessary details and install a luxury bathroom vanity. What mistakes are usually made when repairing it?

No waterproofing

The bathroom is a wet area, so there must be waterproofing on the floor. This will protect the downstream neighbors from leakage. In addition, the toilet should be separated by a sill, or the floor should be 1 inch lower than the rest of the apartment.

It is essential to take these features into account when expanding the bathroom. In the place where the corridor used to be, waterproofing is not provided – this is a potentially dangerous place, due to which a leak can occur.

Ill-conceived layout

A small bathroom is like a puzzle: you need to find a layout to fit all the plumbing. And not everyone succeeds in this. For example, in Scandinavian apartments, sometimes there is not only a bath but also a shower. There is simply a shower head hanging on the wall and a curtain fencing off the little patch in the corner of the toilet. There are usually problems with the bathroom in small apartments: you have to sit on it, resting against the wall and your bathroom vanity.

Bathtub without curtain

Another option is not the most successful layout: a toilet next to a bath or shower. Your 24 inch bathroom vanity with sink will almost always be wet with splashes. This arrangement is found even in spacious bathrooms, where it is quite possible to avoid it.

If you can’t put the plumbing otherwise, it makes sense to take care of at least a dense waterproof curtain or a protective screen.

Electrics without moisture protection

The wiring in the bathroom must comply with the electrical installation rules. For example, you need to connect sockets and household appliances through an RCD – installing protective devices or differential circuit breakers. In the event of a short circuit, they almost instantly cut off the power supply.

Sockets and fixtures must have at least II class of protection and a degree of moisture protection IP44. They must not be installed closer than 60 cm from a bathtub, sink, or another water source. In addition, it is not allowed to connect cables and wires inside the bathroom – a single piece of wiring must go from the junction box.

Too bright tiles

A simple rule usually guides designers: the smaller the room, the lighter and more uniform the wall covering should be. The bathroom is the smallest room in the apartment. But this does not stop some. For walls and floors, they choose super-bright tiles, and sometimes with an active pattern. As a result, the walls will crush, and in the eyes – ripple.

Perspective wallpaper

Mural with perspective effect creates the feeling that the room continues outside one of the walls. In the living room, this technique can be pretty effective. And a small toilet will seem more significant.

It just turns out that the toilet is proper in the middle of the path leading into the distance. In reality, this is a rather strange feeling.

Mixer incorrectly selected

Faucets differ in manufacturer, quality, type of handles, but most importantly – in size. Moreover, the size of the mixer should correspond to the size of the sink. But this is not obvious to everyone, so often the water spreads anywhere.

For compact washbasins, a small mixer is a wise choice. And if the sink is close to the wall, it is better to install the mixer.

Little things are not taken into account

Toilet paper should be near the toilet. Point. There is no better place for her than from the one sitting on a faience throne at arm’s length. But not everyone remembers this little thing, so the bathroom becomes as uncomfortable as possible.

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