The Meaning & History of Larimar Jewelry

Larimar is a very rare and precious gemstone which is found in the soothing and highly captivating shades of dark blue, blue green and light blue (now you know why the stone has rightly been called The Ocean Stone!). The irresistible beauty and unique powers of this gem has made it highly popular in the world of jewelry. Today, the Larimar jewelry is coveted all over the world for its immense beauty and qualities. 

The history and meaning of this gemstone are as interesting as its looks and qualities! So let us enlighten you with the same!

Larimar Meaning – A Quick Glance

The name Larimar comes from Larissa and Mar. In fact, Miguel Mendez (one of the earliest artists to work with gem) named it after Larissa, his daughter and combined it with the Spanish word – Mar which means sea. The gem finds its meaning in its unmatchable power of providing significant healing in mental, spiritual, physical and sentimental conditions. It is also known to activate various chakras of the body. Known for enhancing intelligence, instilling lucidity and inviting pure energy of love in its wearer, the Larimar is famous as a beautiful gemstone with immense powers of healing.  

The History of Larimar

The most exciting fact about this super rare precious gemstone is that it is found only at one place on the earth – the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Records tell that the area was visited by a Spanish missionary for the purpose of exploring gold but wait, the history of Larimar doesn’t start here. It was during the 1950s that the pieces of this beautiful and rare gemstone started showing on the shores. The irresistible beauty of the gem started gaining a bit of recognition and the villagers of nearby areas started exploring the source for this blue gem called Larimar. It was then when the chief source for Larimar was found. But what is shocking is the fact that the gem’s samples were analysed many years later, that is, in 1974 and then Larimar was declared as a precious and rare gemstone belonging to the family of Pectolite.

The Engrossing Beauty of Larimar Jewelry

The tranquil look, soothing feeling and unique beauty of the gem has helped it become a favorite for millions across the world! Be it a special occasion, formal event or a casual get-together, the jewelry made of Larimar helps you achieve a lovely and highly attractive look. The Larimar wholesale gemstone jewelry range offers a plethora of beautiful choices for all types of taste in jewelry. Some of the recent popular options in wholesale silver handmade jewelry of Larimar include the following:

  • Half-moon Larimar and silver pendant
  • Crescent moon earrings
  • Drop earrings in pretty shapes of the gem
  • Wide range of pendants with Larimar as chief gem (including tree of life pendant, palm tree pendant, forever hit shapes like oval pendants, round pendants and more)

The list just doesn’t end here as there are many more fascinating choices! Moreover, the option of customization in wholesale gemstone jewelry opens the door of infinite imagination for everyone. It simply gives you the chance of getting your jewelry customized according to your specific design and expectation. 

One of the most impressive facts about Larimar jewelry is that it can be tried and flaunted with different types of attires. Whether you are planning to wear a rich ethnic dress on a special occasion or looking forward to attending a formal meeting, wearing Larimar jewels will give you a superb look in an elegant style. The vitreous silky lustre of the gem helps balance the whole look. 

Own the graceful Larimar jewelry and add a unique appeal to your personality!

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