The Foody Way Of Inspiring For A Healthy Lifestyle


Starting a fresh and healthy life can be done anytime, any day. But many people struggle to find the start and many are still not aware of its importance. Health is something that we need to be more focused on than ever before because of the rising health issues around the world due to pollution and other lifestyle-related issues. 

And most of the health problems are related to our eating habits. We do buy many edible things from the shops like birthday cakes and we should be extremely aware to buy from the best shops that provide a guarantee of purity and safety. 

Do you know that you can help your dear ones start that lifestyle more focused on your gifting gestures? And you don’t have to be harsh because you can still do the task in a delicious and taste buds tickling way. 

We are sharing some ideas that will surely help you inspire the people you love to start eating healthy without compromising the taste. 

Healthy Dry fruit or edible basket

You can buy baskets of dry fruits online. Dry fruits also do not spoil quickly and are also useful for making many dishes at home. Dry fruits can be used to make items like biscuits, chocolate, toffee, cupcakes. You can have small packs of almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, and raisins. You can also cover the dry fruits in melted chocolate to infuse them with sweetness. And more than anything, dry fruits are the biggest source of nutrients and good health. 

Healthy Cookies

A Cookie gift is the best option to eat with tea or coffee. In the market, you will find many variants of cookies like choco-chip, cashew-almond, and fruits. Being dry-edible, it lasts for a long time. Not many people know that cookies have so many health benefits. You can buy cookies in many different flavours as per the taste of the recipient. It is much better to buy multi-grain and low-sugar cookies as they are more healthy.

Fruit Cakes

You get so many occasions to surprise your dear ones with a freshly baked scrumptious cake. And you can pick that chance to do it a healthy way along with creamy and baked sweetness. Yes, we are talking about fruit cakes! You can choose to surprise your dear one with cakes topped and stuffed with the best quality seasonal fruits. To make the surprise more happening, choose to send the cake through midnight cake delivery in Chandigarh or where the person you want to make a smile resides.

Fruit basket

Whatever be the festival, the importance of the fruit remains the same. In such a situation, different types of fruits Bali Fruit Basket can be used to take care of health. This is the best option for a gift. You can also make special baskets by buying fruits according to the choice of your friends. Well, what could be more healthy than fruits?

Breakfast box

If you want to give something different, then you can make a gift box by mixing healthy snacks and ready-to-eat things eaten in breakfast. In this, you can add Poha, Oats Maggi, Idli-Dosa Mix Batter, Rava Idli Batter. With your thoughtful gifting gesture, you can let the person kickstart his/her day over a mouthful of health and happiness.


You can create a special box by ordering chocolates and toffees of different flavors according to the preferences of your friends. In this, you can take chocolate and toffee of flavors like orange candy, tamarind, mango, chocolate, vanilla, etc. There are many different types of chocolates to choose from but dark chocolate is the healthiest option. 

Healthy mix Juice mix

You can also buy juice packed with different flavors and make it a gift box and gift it to your friend or family member. This is one of the healthiest options. Make sure to look for the expiry dates of the juice boxes before you buy them. And buy juice boxes of those brands only that are certified by FSSAI. 

While marching on the way of health, there is no need to compromise or eliminate the taste from life. 

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