The biggest trends in wedding card boxes we’ve seen this year

It is the dream of every person to make their big day special. It is essential to focus on all the factors and start the preparations early. It all starts as early as making lists for guests and sending them custom invitations. You should always try to make the impact of wedding invitations high to make to persuade guests to join you. To accomplish that, wedding invitation templates can be used to create top-notch wedding invitations within a few clicks. This template will allow you to easily design wedding cards as well as invitations cards. Wedding card boxes can prove to be your perfect companion. They help you uplift the impact of your invites and present them creatively to the audience. They also serve to keep the invites safe as you will never desire to present guests with dog-eared cards.

Why do they matter so much?

It is your dream to make your event memorable for the guests. The invitation cards are like the first impression of your event for the audience, and making them memorable is essential. Sending plain invitations without packaging is never enough to persuade the guests. You should always use innovative packaging to entice them. You can use unique wedding card boxes manufactured of cardboard and Kraft for the process. These boxes are best as they are versatile and can be customized in any desired shape and size. The printing options available for these boxes are also best and help you to elevate the appeal of packaging in the best way. These cards are also important to customize as they are like tangible memory of your event for the guests. Guest keep these cards for a long time, and it reminds them of your event. It is essential to use the most unique and exotic designs of packaging for invites.

Significant trends of this year

When it comes to packaging designs, following the ongoing packaging trends is always important. These trends matter a lot as they provide you with an insight into what the audience likes the most. You can copy the ongoing wedding card box Australia trends or can just take inspiration from them. It is also important to consider the trends as they help you to get to know about the packaging advancements. This year was one of the best talking about packaging as we got to see many unique designs. From lockdown-inspired packaging to gradient-based boxes, here are some top and trendy designs for you.

COVID inspired designs

Who can forget the COVID pandemic and global lockdown? The influx of weddings after the lockdown was simply inevitable. All the canceled events were rescheduled, and we got to see some creative packaging designs in 2021. One of the best that stands out is pillow packaging resembling masks. These wedding card boxes in Australia were trendy, and the audience just loved them. These pillow boxes were printed in greenish-blue color, just like surgical masks. The additional strings on the sides resembled the straps of the mask. One of the best things about the pillow boxes is that they can be designed in any desired shape for snug-fitting the invitations.

Use of revealing illustrations

It is always important to be unique and inventive to make a lasting impression on others. It is always on creative thinking to make something unique that is loved by everyone. Creative and patterns and illustrations can be perfect as they help to make the reveling process perfect. One of the best trends of 2021 was the use of illustration and patterns on personalized wedding card boxes. These graphics were designed in a way to hint the guests at what is inside the packaging. They were often abstract and artistic to not fully reveal the nature of invitation but only to give a hint.

The graphics of past

People were thinking about the past during lockdown when things were normal, but not the past we saw on the packaging. It was one of the most followed trends in the packaging world to design the packaging in retro-themed graphics. Wedding card packaging designed in the 80s vibe was highly popular in the market. Any design of packaging can be used as it is just on the printing to appeal to old school. These boxes were highly perfect as they were like a whole new experience for the new generation. They served the purpose of hooking the audience well by providing a unique experience.

Hyper simplistic designs

There were two totally distinctive approaches that we saw in wedding card boxes wholesale supplies. One approach was to highly print the packaging with innovative and appealing graphics. The other one was more minimalistic. Simple single-colored packaging with gold, silver, and copper foiled texts was famous. These designs were perfect as they had a premium impact on the guests and hooked them in the best possible way. Less is simply more now, and these boxes were best to uplift the experience of invites. They also perfectly protected the invitations and made a lasting impression on guests.

Bold patterns with typography

It is highly important to select the most appealing and unique packaging design for the invitations. One of the unique trends in the market was a total paradigm shift from the traditionally used packaging for invitations. People used new designs that were totally in contrast with what we were used to. The use of cube boxes with bold embossed patterns was perfect for luring a majority of the audience. The details related to the events were printed in creative typography. These printed wedding card boxes were best due to their exotic and innovative appeal.

Gradients as background

Another newest trend in printed wedding card box packaging was the use of gradients as background. Gradients are always appealing and grab the attention of guests with greater efficacy. Cardboard boxes can be customized using digital printing. You can introduce gradients based on the color of your event theme. The written descriptions can be either printed or embossed depending upon the desire. Such designs are both unique and luring at the same time and help you persuade guests in the best way.

In a nutshell, the possibilities are simply endless, and you can take packaging trends as inspiration. You can also use the printing options to convert even the cheap wedding card boxes appealing and luring.

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