The Arch-Villain of Stargirl


One of the most terrifying characters in the popular television show Stargirl is Eclipso. He is a strange being who comes from The Shadowlands and is the enemy of just about every other character in the series. Eclipso is truly terrifying in his origins, his manipulative nature and his evil desire to feed on souls, but he meets his demise in the end.


In this series created by Geoff Johns, Eclipso is the personification of darkness and evil. He arose from The Shadowlands, a dimension of emptiness and fear, and he came into the world when he was summoned to serve as a weapon against an enemy tribe on Diablo Island. He was imprisoned in the Black Diamond to be found much later by explorer Bruce Gordon.


Eclipso is the master of manipulation. He immediately takes over Bruce Gordon, promising him fame and wealth and pushing him to murder. Eclipso even possesses Bruce’s body completely. He manifests as a ten-year-old version of Bruce to lure young Rebecca McNider to a horrible death as well.

Original Justice Society of America members eventually trap Eclipso back in the Black Diamond, but the device falls into the hands of the villain the Wizard, who hides it in a storage unit in Blue Valley. Eclipso must wait for his next victim.

The diamond is discovered by Cindy Burman, and she mistakenly thinks that Eclipso is her servant. Eclipso, of course, is no servant. He taunts Cindy’s stepmother, and she attacks Cindy, only to be killed by Eclipso, to Cindy’s horror.

Cindy tries to deploy Eclipso in a fight against Stargirl and the other JSA members, but Eclipso is only using Cindy for his own purposes. In the battle, the Black Diamond is shattered, and Eclipso is freed to roam the world at will in his real, terrifying form. He proceeds to attack JSA members, playing with their minds through illusions and suggestions.


Eclipso is even more terrifying in one of his other habits. He literally sucks the life and soul out of people, pulling all of their negativity and hatred and fear into himself and leaving them as a mere pile of ashes. This is, in fact, what Eclipso does to Bobbie Burman and to Isaac Bowin.


Eclipso is finally confronted by the JSA and, surprisingly, Cindy. He attempts to possess Stargirl, using her to merge his darkness with the world. Unexpectedly, Starman appears and comes to Stargirl’s rescue, and with the help of the other JSA members, they defeat Eclipso for good.

Indeed, by the end of the story arc, the arch-villain Eclipso is literally toast.

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