SEO Checklist One Must Check Before Assigning an SEO Company

A few useful steps are required to boost your SEO ranking. However, not many SEO firms won’t do it so well. Brandstory is a legit seo agency in bangalore that delivers up-to-date SEO services. It has a wonderful SEO checklist for your company.

The following points will tell you how Brandstory handles things for its clients:

  • SEO Basics Checklist

This is the primary one to consider. Within this step, Google provides a very useful SEO tool to find the basics of getting higher traffic. The Google Search Console is its name. The team looks around all major stuff to follow the growth of your company. The following points are the keys:

  • Find the right keywords that bring the highest traffic
  • Fix website errors
  • Submit your sitemap
  • See your page experience scores
  • Much more features

On a short note, this is serious SEO stuff that holds the first key to unlocking the door of popularity.

Like Google Search Control, other tools are there to fulfill your needs. They are as follows:

  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Install Yoast SEO (WordPress Users only)
  • Keyword Research Checklist

This is something that holds the foundation of SEO. Yes, it comes within the checklist as it provides how to find the appropriate bunch of words to attract all potential customers towards the products or services of your clients. However, this thing does have a few steps to go with.

It starts from this checklist. Using Google Suggest, you must try to Discover Long Tail Keywords. The Google search button holds the key to finding ultimate keywords. These suggestions from Google can help you to find the right phrase or words that people are searching for.

The right set of words can help your content to grow and reach as many as viewers. That’s the key to this SEO checklist. The following list will tell you how to do the entire method:

  • Find out the long tail keywords with “Google Search”
  • Using the Google Keyword Planner, just find the Solid Keywords
  • Tap into online communities
  • Rectify low competition keywords
  • Search for Question Keywords
  • On-Page SEO Checklist

This is something an SEO Company prefers for the appropriate balancing. However, a few useful steps are there within this practice. The following points will help you to find out all the major works involved within this checklist:

  • Include Your Keyword In Your URL
  • Embed Title Tag Modifiers
  • Use Short URLs
  • Within Your Title Tag, go for a Front-Load Keyword
  • Using the appropriate keyword once within The First 150 Words
  • Prefer using keywords in H1, H2, or H3 Tags
  • Optimize Images
  • Use LSI Keywords and Synonyms.
  • Technical SEO Checklist

This is the tricky part but it will do the job. Apart from SEO basics, it moves far away. That’s why you need someone better in services. Hiring a worthy SEO Company will do the job. Only the best team knows what is important for your business to grow online such as:

  • Create a site with a crawlable feature
  • Perfect planning of a website’s structure
  • Must assure about the indexing of your site
  • Must use HTTPS
  • High-Speed page loading
  • Accessible at one domain
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Installation of image compression plugin
  • Fix duplicate content issues
  • Fix broken pages
  • Content Checklist

Content is a briefing part to elaborate customers about the products and services. This is a checklist that an SEO Agency follows.

Content creation involves the work of prominent content writers and a few useful content development tools. The following steps can help you to find the right paths:

  • Create amazing content
  • Chunk your content to increase its readability
  • In-depth cover of your page’s topic
  • Link Building Checklist

It is a strategy that holds the key to giving you a super effective result. The right way can lead you to your business’s online success. The following points are there in the development of this work:

  • Create powerful backlinks using guest posting
  • Reverse your competitor’s backlinks
  • Build contextual backlinks
  • Mention influencers (if necessary)

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