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Many apps called refer and earn apps are available on the Play Store daily, however, most of them just include a bunch of advertisements and profit is solely for them. Users will receive nothing and would only be able to touch on advertisements. However, there are many best refer and earn apps in India.

Today we will be looking into the best refer and earn money apps that you could use for earning some quick money. But before that, let us see what are refer and earn apps. We will further see how does the refer and earn apps work. So, let us begin!

What Are Refer And Earn App?

This is a straightforward logic that anybody can grasp. When a firm releases a new app, they create campaigns to promote and advertise the app to gain more users. For a limited time, they are running a Signup and Refer n Earn campaign in which they are offering bonuses to new users. 

This provides users with an opportunity to earn money while also increasing the number of clients for the company. So, it’s a win-win situation for both users and refer and earn apps!

How do Refer And Earn App Work?

It is not difficult to refer to and earn; simply download and install the below app on your device, register with your mobile number and email address, and complete your profile. 

You can distribute your referral link to friends and family and You may also share your referral code on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. 

You can also promote by creating videos and sharing them on YouTube. When you recommend a friend and encourage them to join up for refer and earn apps, you and your buddy both earn money through the referral code. When a friend downloads the app using your referral link or referral code, you receive money. 

In certain refer and earn apps, you may make money just by signing up; there is no need to suggest friends. Through refer and earn apps, you may earn an unlimited amount of money. Now let us see the best refer and earn apps that could give you some extra cash without much hustle!

Top Refer And Earn Apps 2021

1. Upstox: One Of The Best Refer And Earn App In India

Upstox is one of India’s fastest-growing stock brokerage firms. You may have heard that Ratan Tata has invested in Upstox. It is a platform for investing in the stock market and mutual funds. Upstox offers a free share market beginners course for newcomers (depending on the offer provided). The Upstox pro mobile app is simple and easy to use.

To begin investing in the stock market, you must first open a Demat account. It is an excellent habit that you may cultivate. After you establish an account, you may begin earning money by recommending your friends. You will receive around Rs500 for referring a single buddy (depending on the offer provided, the value may change). So, why wait? Open an account and start earning right away.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Refer And Earn App In India:

  • Free beginner’s course
  • Secured
  • Reliable
  • Simple UI

2. PhonePe: One Of The Most Famous Refer And Earn UPI Apps

Refer and earn using the Phonepe app – Rs.100 for Signup and Rs.100 for Referral PhonePe is a straightforward software for transferring funds from a bank. You may use the PhonePe app to send money to pals or to pay at stores by scanning a QR code. PhonePe also provides a lot of cash back for transactions done in stores, gas stations, restaurants, and so on.

Refer and earn using the Phonepe app – you may recommend your friends to the app and receive Rs.100 paid immediately to your bank account. When you link your bank account to the PhonePe app for the first time, you will also receive Rs.100.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best UPI Refer And Earn Apps:

  • Loads of features
  • Spend and earn reward points
  • QR code
  • Highly reliable

3. GooglePay: One Of The Most Trusted Refer And Earn Apps In India 2021

Refer and earn using Google Pay/Tez – Get Rs.71 for signing up and Rs.131 for referring a friend. Google Pay/Tez app is now available. Google allows you to effortlessly transact money using your mobile phone. Transferring funds to a bank account is now easier than ever. 

It is incredibly simple to send money to friends or a store using Google Pay. Google Pay also provides significant rewards for each transaction. The most intriguing aspect is how simple it is to set up a Google Pay account. It also offers you Rs.131 for each recommendation you make.

You may have heard of and used this app before. Google Pay offers a referral app that pays Rs 100 and one for each referral. It can also pay you Rs 21 for referring a friend. That is a wonderful recommendation application you may come upon. In any case, your suggested friend must have a bank account and make the initial charge for you and your friend to get the referral amount.

Because GPay is well-known and your friend is also getting paid, you can easily recommend the app to many people who aren’t using it. As an added incentive, you will receive prizes for subsequent transactions.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Refer And Earn Apps 2021:

  • Fast process
  • Smooth UI
  • Requires least requirement to function
  • Handsome incentive

4. Amazon Pay: Comes Among The Highly Recommended Refer And Earn Apps

Our is not the only charging app that deserves to be on this list. Amazon Pay, like GPay and Phonepay, offers a referral programme in which it pays Rs 31 per referral. It is nowhere near other payment applications, but because most people do not use Amazon Pay, you may refer to many individuals.

If they already have the Amazon App, all they need to do is activate Amazon Pay. So they don’t want to put in every other app only to get paid. Quizzes on how to play are also available on the Amazon App. In any case, it does not pay for every winner and is most effective for the lucky winners among them.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Refer And Earn Apps 2021:

  • Play quizzes and earn
  • Provides good reward points on every Amazon shopping
  • Easy to activate
  • Many lottery events

5. Paytm: One Of The Most Prominent Refer And Earn Apps In India

We don’t need to tell you about this app. You’ve probably heard about Paytm. There are only a few things we can’t accomplish online with the Paytm App. The Paytm App allows us to perform a variety of activities, including recharge, bill payment, shopping, investing, gaming, digital gold, money transfer, and much more. 

Paytm too has its own Payment Bank. Many users use the Paytm App to receive and make payments, as well as for simple UPI money transfers and reward offers. Paytm has just introduced a new referral programme. If you recommend your friends to this Paytm referral programme, you will receive Rs. 100 in your primary bank account.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Refer And Earn Apps:

  • Loads of banking options
  • Purchase digital gold
  • Different referral programs
  • Highly reliable

6. Goibibo: One Of The Best Refer And Earn Money Apps For Travelers

Goibibo is an app that allows you to purchase tickets for buses, trains, flights, hotel rooms, and taxis, among other things. On Goibibo, you may find a feature called the move to cash, which allows you to view your money within the Goibibo app. 

You may earn a lot of money over thereby performing certain tasks such as synchronising your contacts, touching purchased tickets, e-booking something through the app, uploading your profile percentage, and even writing reviews. All of the money you’ve been rewarded with may be deposited into your GoCash account.

And referring friends is another way to get prizes. Rate the app and get Rs 50 immediately and Rs 100 after completing the journey on the preferred reservation. Your referral buddy receives Rs 150 right now.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best UPI Refer And Earn Apps:

  • Easy ticket booking
  • Offers on hotel
  • Free cancellation
  • Reward points on travelling

7. MobiKwik: One Of The Most Widely Used Refer And Earn UPI Apps

MobiKwik is a payment app as well. We can conduct a variety of activities using this software, including online money transfers, recharge, and bill payments. MobiKwik just modified their prior referral programme. And they’ve just revamped the referral programme with new terms and conditions.

If you recommend a friend to MobiKwik and they start referring others, you will receive $20 in your MobiKwik Wallet. In addition, if you invite a friend to move their MobiKwik wallet to a bank, you will receive an Rs. 100 reward in your wallet. However, in this situation, the minimum transfer value is Rs. 2500 or greater. 

Please keep in mind that if you have already updated your UPI ID on MobiKwik or linked your Payment Bank on MobiKwik, you will be able to receive cashback.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Refer And Earn App In India 2021:

  • Decent UI
  • Not loaded with advertisements
  • Accepts international payment
  • Different cashback programs

8. Meesho App: One Of The Best Refer And Earn App 2021

Meesho is widely regarded as India’s most popular resale app. You may make money here by referring others and reselling items. You may make money here by reselling items and referring others. This article is about the ‘top refer and earn app in India.’ As a result, discussing Meesho resale is pointless. 

The Meesho Referral is divided into four parts. If you introduce a friend to the Meesho App, you will receive 25% of their sales for the following 12 months.

Key Features Of This One Of The Highly Recommended Refer And Earn App:

  • Commission deals
  • Easy reselling items
  • Products of decent quality
  • Different referral programs

9. Dream11: Refer And Earn App For Playing Games & Winning

Dream 11 is a well-known betting app for cricket. Don’t worry, it’s completely legal, and M.S.Dhoni is the app’s brand ambassador. The great thing about betting in dream eleven is that you can create your team, choose eleven players, choose your captain and vice-captain from amongst them, and if the players you chose scored well, you receive higher rankings and therefore more money.

You may also need to invest in the app to get the event started. The app will provide you with a clear education from the start so that you can obtain a clear picture of how to get started. This software now allows you to make educated guesses about various sports such as Kabaddi and football. 

In terms of the referral application, you and your friend will each receive Rs 100 following the initial fit. You may be able to find fits for less than Rs five, allowing you and your friend to earn Rs 195 for a referral. You also get half of his entrance fees if he enters a contest. In this case, if he enters a Rs 30 contest, you will immediately receive Rs 15 because you are his recommendation.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Refer And Earn App 2021:

  • Win by playing games
  • Simple UI
  • Reliable options
  • High earning

10. CRED: One Of The Best Refer And Earn App For Credit Card Users

Cred is a credit score cart pricing app that gives you cashback, discounts, and other benefits for paying your credit card bill using the app. The app’s user interface is simple, and it automatically collects information such as the amount you need to pay, charge history, statement, and so on. 

So you can gain access to all of your credit card information in appropriate form right here.

The good feature is its referral programme, which offers payback ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 to both you and the person you suggested. In either case, you and your companion will need a credit card. You can even add your parent’s credit card so you don’t have to be involved if you don’t have one.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Refer And Earn App:

  • Unique marketing strategy
  • Great for reward points
  • Simplistic UI
  • Easily accessible

Earn Little More With Refer And Earn App

In India, there are numerous applications that allow you to make money by introducing the apps to your friends, which are also known as invite and earn apps. Companies can save money on promotion and re-distribute it to clients as a reward for their loyalty. We hope this article on refer and earn apps helped you in knowing a few of the great names from this segment.

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