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In the past few years, data privacy has become one of the hottest topics in the market, and people are realising the importance of their privacy on the internet. But almost everyone is pretty confused about the solutions. 

But no worries!! Because we come up with the best DMCA ignored hosting provider that provides you services with full privacy assurance. Actually, we found QloudHost as a suggestion when we were searching for a solution that could help us host our website with strong security.

Its features were looking quite impressive so we decided to try it and share with you our personal experience here in this QloudHost review!! So that you can get a better hosting solution which respects your right to privacy. 

Let’s get started!! 

About QloudHost 

QloudHost claims to be an offshore hosting provider that can help you to bypass biased DMCA ignored laws to ensure you can make host your website live on the internet with untraceable footprints!! Making your website fully anonymous.

Well, apart from that, QloudHost uses best-in-class server infrastructure built on high-quality server hardware equipment, so that you can enjoy blazing-fast performance for your website. 

QloudHost Test and Analysis

But you may argue how it became the best DMCA ignored hosting provider!! Well, don’t worry because here in this, we have mentioned some of our test results which we conducted while using the using the services. 

Speed Test

We started with a speed test to verify our website loading speed!! We test our website loading speed on Pingdom, one of the most trusted and popular platforms. Pingdom resulted in our website with 91% performance plus A grade ranking. 

As you can see in the image attached below!! 

In addition to that, our total website loading speed was just 2.62 sec which is not very amazing result, but still, it is satisfying. 

Note: We have hidden our website details due to privacy issues.

Security analysis 

Apart form that we have also mentioned its security features that will help you to understand its servers security strength. 

Full DDoS protection: Distributed Denial of Services attack is one of the most common threats that almost every website has to face in their online journey!! But QloudHost has equipped its servers with full DDoS protection to protect your website. 

Strong firewall: To  protect your website against any kind of malware, script injection, or any kind of malicious cyber attack QloudHost has equipped its servers with a strong firewall to ensure your protection. 

Daily Data backup: QloudHost has consistently created your website data backup to restore it in case of any misfortune. 

Key Features 

Here in this section we will discuss some of its key features for your better understanding. 

Fully DMCA ignored: QloudHost has built its servers in the Netherlands which is one of the most popular DMCA ignored countries in the world and allows you to host your website with untraceable footprints. 

Fully privacy assurance: To ensure that you are completely anonymous on the internet QloudHost minimises your identity visibility and lets you enjoy you full privacy. 

Impenetrable security: As we have told you above that QloudHost provides a strong firewall and full DDoS protection for your website, making it impenetrable on the internet. 

24*7 customer support: But what if you stuck in between your journey? Well don’t worry, QloudHost has built a dedicated team of technical experts that works 24*7 to support you at every stage of your journey. 

Plans and Pricing

We have attached a table below so that you can understand their service’s worth!! 

Entry Plan ($18/mo)Value Plan ($32/mo)Super Plan($45/mo)
1v CPU 2v CPU 4v CPU
750 GB bandwidth1.5 TB  bandwidth 1.75 TB bandwidth 

QloudHost Pros and Cons 

QloudHost seems to be quite impressive but still, not everything can be great right? Hence after deeply analysing its services, we have filtered out some of its major pros and cons to understand its complete picture. 


  • 100% DMCA ignored 
  • Full privacy assurance 
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Completely offshore servers


  • No call support available 

Is QloudHost safe?

See!! As far as we have analysed its services we have found it to be quite safe for our website to host on QloudHost’s servers, all thanks to the security features which they have equipped in their servers such as full DDoS protection, Firewall and much more. 

In addition to that QloudHost uses high-quality DMCA ignored server infrastructure which they have built on the best offshore location that is in the Netherlands, which is very popular in this industry and allows you to bypass the biased country specific restrictions. 


Where is the QloudHost server are Located?

As we have told you above that QloudHost uses servers located in the Netherlands so that it can allow you to host your website with full anonymity. 

Do We Recommend QloudHost?

Yes, we have been using QloudHost’s service for the last 4 months and we are really impressed with its service’s quality, reliability and performance. So yeah, we recommend it to those looking for DMCA ignored hosting!! 

Which of their plans are best for beginners?

Basically, if you are a beginner and looking for DMCA ignored hosting provider to start your blogging or online business website then we will suggest you to go with their offshore VPS hosting plans because it is the most affordable among all of their plans. 

What plan should I choose to host my video streaming website?

Unless you are starting your online web streaming career you can go with their video hosting plans in which QloudHost provides servers especially optimised for video streaming websites but in case you want to start streaming then you can go with their offshore streaming server plan.


Overall its services seem to be really impressive all thanks to their features that provide amazing performance to our websites such as high uptime guarantee, full privacy assurance, full root access and much more. 

So what do you think about it!! Well, you may have found our words to be fan kind of, but believe it such has been an experience!! 

The rest is up to!! Make a wise decision.  

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