Best 15 Putlocker Alternatives (Free & Safe) in Aug 2021

putlocker alternatives

Putlocker has been a refuge for fans to seek free streaming material before it was shut down. It was even in the top 150 visited locations in the United States and the top 250 worldwide. Free movies from Putlocker123 got so popular that millions of visitors were registered every day.

However, after several copyright owners lodged concerns, the streaming service was finally shut down. It is currently one of the centuries of websites prohibited by piracy in the United Kingdom for streaming and torrenting. 

This action left many spectators who trusted in the dark with Putlocker, unaware of where to turn. While many websites that use the name of Putlocker may still be found, finishing is not simple.

So in this article, we are talking about the best 15 putlocker alternatives. There are 15 great options for the putlocker alternatives to test this weekend.

What is Putlocker?

Founded in 2011 and hosting various third-party content providers, Putlocker rapidly garnered thousands of users every day. Around January 2012, Megaupload was seized and shut down as a popular streaming service with an enormous number of people (150 million registered users for putlockers movies).

Fans moved sites like fmovies, swiftly to Putlocker, making it one of the world’s most popular websites for streaming. It wasn’t long, though, as the UK High Court in 2016 banned the website in the UK. Since then several proxy websites have been enabled using the Putlocker moniker, however, most of them have been taken down. But you can access websites through thepirateproxybay platform.

In certain cases, users have claimed that they are routed to fraudulent sites on one Putlocker mirror site.

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Note: Although the sites provide free streaming material, they are mostly traps created by Internet fraudsters who want to steal your personal data and money. We strongly urge that you utilize a trustworthy VPN service to protect your data against internet intruders. Most companies provide free VPN trials to test the water and to discover exactly what protection you receive.

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix- putlocker alternatives

If you are only seeking a film-specific streaming service, you’ll find Popcornflix. To use this website, you need not establish an account. All you need to do is visit the site and choose what you want to see – so simple popcornflix becomes the first putlocker alternatives.

You may select movies by year or genre from the site. Be prepared to be inundated with announcements when streaming films. According to the website, if you sign up for an account, you may view movies without advertisements.

The continuous online redirection leading you to suspected sites that are not safe is another nuisance you may expect. When you click anywhere on your page, this occurs. Other than that, the interface is simple. 

If you want to save the file you will need to view later, simply choose the movie and click “View” or “Download.” In addition, the website was built for whoever wishing, using their phones or tablets, to capture their favorite movies online popcornflix is a best free movie websites.

2. 123Movies

123movies alternative features one of the largest libraries of streaming films and TV series. 123movies are the free movies online sites, The interface may be easily accessed and the latest TV series or films are fast to locate. You may also decide what kind of film you want or how much the year the film was launched, dating back to 1938 and become a putlocker alternatives. 

For those who appreciate classics, this is an excellent alternative. If you don’t know which film to watch, it’s possible to select ‘new released’ or ‘recent added’ with the ‘Browse’ feature. The site’s most bothersome thing is that every time you click anyplace on the website you constantly reroute. If not, the large library is one of the putlocker alternatives free movies greatest alternative sites.

3. Watch TV Series 

This website is for individuals seeking television programs, as you can say from the title. A lot of TV shows, including all-time favorites, are available here, such as Game of Thrones and The Bachelor. You may choose from numerous URLs when you select your favorite television show – at least one of them works flawlessly.

You may expect that your broadcasts will interrupt with many commercials, much like other free streaming sites. Watch TV Series is the way they organize TV series by TV networks, fresh episodes, future episodes, and new television shows.

So you can check when the next episode of your favorite TV program comes out. All the future TV series will also keep you up to date. The ‘Extended Search’ function allows you to restrict your search by genre and release year if you wish to find a certain TV series and watch tv series that come with many options in the market a become a good putlocker alternatives.

4. AZMovies 


Another fantastic putlocker alternatives for film fans to Putlocker is AZMovies. To make a film, you only have to click on its connection to load it. It doesn’t require registration. The UI seems rather embarrassed, but it’s not difficult to move throughout the platform.

Films are in HD and subtitles may be activated and disabled effortlessly. From almost a dozen categories, you may pick movies from 1948. Use ‘Featured’ to browse new film releases to quickly uncover what’s hot.

While AZMovies is excellent for movies, the NOXX link on their website also allows you to locate TV programs.

5. Vumoo

Vumoo is the answer when you think that popup advertising is bothersome. There is less advertising and the simple interface has two categories only: “Movies” and “TV series.” You don’t have to fight to discover an intriguing thing and Vumoo is a putlocker alternatives.

Moreover, as soon as you start typing you can always use “Search” to view what you are searching for, it is a free movie websites.

6. FMovies

FMovies contains plenty of films and television series, classified by country, genre, release year, and the most often seen ones. You may use the A-Z list to browse the extensive collection fast. Alternatively.

The interface is clearly defined and gives even advice for simple choosing. You can select from the ‘Recommended’ or ‘Trending’ list or check the new content list for the ‘Last movies’ and the ‘Last TV series.’

One of the FMovies’ downsides is annoying popup advertising and redirection that keep your viewing interrupted.

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7. SolarMovie

SolarMovie, which has a sleek and user-friendly interface is another dependable Putlocker alternatives. The search feature was very good for us, which always yielded precise results. The platform is ideal for TV series and movies to stream — and the material will be added as it is ready.

Films and programs can also be filtered in different countries. You will also like the “Top IMDb” option, which lets you see IMDb films and TV series on the freshest, most popular, and highest rated. The search filter in this category allows the search to be restricted by genre, film type, year of release, and country.

8. Los Movies

Are you seeking difficult cults or blockbusters in Hollywood? Los Movies’s got everything. However, to start watching movies online, you must signup for a free account. You may also filter the films by genre or restrict your search by use of the search tool or the A-Z list.

Los Movies are the greatest way to stream films, and you have to search for TV series elsewhere.

9. Primewire

We enjoy Primewire’s content organization. You get a preview of the movie, including the IMDb rating, when you hover your mouse cursor over a TV show or movie. The site may be downloaded or streamed with HD material.

The material of Primewire has been organized neatly and you can filter TV series and films by nation, genre, year of release, and last. You may tap into what the trends are on IMDb by clicking the ‘Top IMDb’ link when you do not have anything in mind. 

Use the ‘Top Watched’ link and you will find endless possibilities to view the most widely watched material on Primewire.

10. YesMovies


YesMovies is a popular film fan free putlocker movies solution. The website is ideal for viewing documentaries, TV programs, and movies online for free. There’s also a smartphone app for those wanting to see on the go.

The website is fully free, and to enjoy the contents you do not have to register for an account. The latest TV programs and films, sorted by kind, nation, or top IMDb, are available. The homepage is customizable using a search field, but the link “Use the old Yesmovies? Click here” allows you to turn it into a browsing view.

11. GoMovies

The latest selection of films, all in HD, is brought by GoMoves. The recently released movies are featured on top of the page, or by choosing one of the choices under “Latest movies,” you may move to the most visited or top IMDb list.

It isn’t all about movies at GoMovies. They have a good series collection, including the most recent one. The quality of the video is HD too, which is more enjoyable to see in each episode. You may view the current episode at the bottom of the page if you prefer to watch episodes as soon as they are released. You may download HD files or stream everything for later viewing. All movies if putlocker is available on gomovies so gomovies is a good option for putlocker alternatives.

12. Crackle

Many networkers rely on Crackle while seeking free entertainment. This portal owned by Chicken Supe is suitable for streaming TV series and movies for Soul Entertainment and Sonia Photo’s TV. 

You will immediately understand when you examine the variety on our site that you are well placed to choose from. In the library, you’ll find hundreds of titles, and every day the collection continues to increase. For those who want to watch the binge for days, Crackle is the finest option in Putlocker movies.

You can see the user-friendly interface of the website as you land. It is easy to browse and its characteristics are simple. Moreover, your streaming performance will astonish you. On the other side, some could think that its weakness is the simplicity of the platform. 

Yet the design does not influence your mobile app and website performance. Keep in mind the ad-supported support for this site. So go ready to handle a lot of pop-ups while content streaming.

13. MovieWatcher

If you are a movie lover looking for suitable putlocker alternatives movies, MovieWatcher is an excellent choice for you. This website features a wide range of films—from classics to recent blockbusters. 

It offers links to third-party cinemas and even forums, including Search Engines. That is why a wide collection of movies and TV series may be housed there. You will not be able to look for high-quality TV series or films since they are grouped on the website carefully. 

Indeed, it’s easy to explore the web and locate everything you desire. Titles are classified by genre, year of publication, and popularity. If you filter material by year, you may search back up to two decades. An interface that is that tidy may be expected to be used by even streamers.

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14. Megashare 

Megashare has a “mega” library of TV programs, movies, web series, and other video content, according to his name. Its extensive library is one reason many networkers consider it one of Putlocker’s greatest online alternatives. Moreover, everybody visiting the website is amazed by its streaming capability. 

All these capabilities, including high-quality resolution, are available free of charge. You will not locate the titles you wish to stream either. There are no problems. After all, the films and TV series are well classified on this site. 

In terms of release year, IMDB rating, country of origins, and much more you may search for information. So, instead of wasting time seeking what you need, you may watch directly to your favorite content. To maintain smooth streaming, the site employs many servers.

15. Afdah


You would want to use Afdah as a Putlocker movies alternative if you detest the hard procedure of enrolling for an account. There are no superfluous features on this streaming service that would confuse visitors that’s how you become a putlocker alternatives. 

Its user-friendly design facilitates the finding of material for everyone – even for beginners. You will not get lost in link strings since you take each link directly to the website you want. Clean and easy to comprehend Afdah’s classification system. 

Titles are divided by genres such as advertising, action, thriller, science fiction, animation, war, etc. The search engine of the app is also quite intuitive. You can input a letter if you cannot think of anything to be watched and it will create results with titles starting with that letter. 

Afdah gives its consumers with its four servers always a seamless streaming experience. Note, though, that the pop-up advertising might grow irritating, particularly if you watch your favorite series.


So, you have an idea on how to broadcast your favorite TV episodes or movies during your leisure time using 11 Putlocker websites. How can you organize your time, nevertheless such that without having left assignments out from putlockers official website and so many free movie websites, you may enjoy streaming videos?

We’ve got the answer: This is an app that allows you to manage your working time conveniently. It helps you to focus on what is vital so that you can accomplish most of your job in time. 

What’s wonderful about this tool?  Furthermore, Iraq includes the Smart Alerts function to keep you in touch with the tracker if you’re the forgetful kind. You are assured to be accountable for every single minute. 

You may even use Traqq to track how long you spend on streaming websites to notify you if your productivity impacts them too long. Now putlocker launched a new website as the name of (putlockers new site today) And all videos are republished on putlockers website. 

In this approach, you may successfully organize your day and balance your time. Especially Traqq allows the tracker to stop when it is time to have a break from coffee or meals. When you are ready to continue working, you may quickly resume where you left off.

There are the options of putlocker alternatives, which are mention above select anyoption and enjoy your day.

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