Does Perfume Have Hidden Health Risks?

Perfume Have Hidden Health Risks

The old saying is true “everything comes with a price” well, so does smelling good. When we spray the perfume we are oblivious of the fact that the single spritz of perfume contains millions of chemical molecules. Most of us buy the perfumes without reading the list of the ingredients and chemicals used in its synthesis but even if we read the list it wouldn’t have made much difference since the arduous chemicals such as ethanol and isopropyl.

In order to preserve the scent in the bottle and make it long lasting the scented ingredients used in the perfumes are incorporated with alcohol this alcohol can be injurious to health if it is swallowed. As your use perfume and then you experience certain itchiness, redness or sinus problem when exposed to any fragrance you must have intolerance to these scent but you are oblivious to the ingredient that is causing this problem. FDA has tested that one out of ten is tested positive for toxicity and this is tested in humans directly proportional to their frustration rate the more problems they would face when the perfume is sprayed in their environment the more toxic the perfume is for them to cope. 

Perfumes do contain the following that trigger the health to deplete.

  • Asthma and sneezing is caused due to the respiratory sensitizers that are present in the perfume.
  • Endocrine system of the body gets off balance due to the existence of hormone sensitizer in the perfume.
  • With the frequent usage of perfume there is a hidden ingredient that develops in your body over time and harms your reproductive system.

As the harms of the perfumes are discussed above it is important to notify that most of the perfume companies on deliberately skip mentioning the names of the ingredients and the chemicals used in the synthesis of the perfume. Provided below is the list of the chemical that are deleterious to human health especially for the women who are pregnant.

  • Phthalates
  • Oxybenzone
  • Galaxolide ketone and other musk ketones
  • acetaldehyde
  • styrene

The narrative of a perfume harming your health comes used the name of perfume posing the name itself suggests that to what extent it can be unfavorable for the health. On different experimentation it has been discovered that the symptoms of perfume poisoning are equivalent to the as someone has injected a liquor that was alcohol concentrated.

Following are the symptoms of perfume poisoning:

  • feeling nauseous along with puking
  • having and unstable and off balance walk
  • stutter and slurred speech
  • sensation of feeling lazy/ deprivation of energy
  • bad breath that smells like alcohol

one thing that is always advised by the perfume exerts is to apply it on your pulse points which as per the believes of science is true these points have better supply of blood that makes the scent stay longer but at the same time when the perfume stays on the skin, one out of hundred people might turn out to be allergic to the chemicals in the perfume what happens is that due to the longer stay of perfume on your skin it will absorb as much alcohol in it as possible sue t which many skin allergies may arise or even worse you might develop some type of serious diseases without having any knowledge of it. this notion is applicable to all sorts of perfume since all of them a designated quantity of alcohol in it even the best perfumes in Pakistan have the same amount of chemical in it that are injurious to our health.

Phthalates present in the perfumes when used by a pregnant women may cause some serious respiratory disorders in the child when it is born it may not be evident in the early stages of his life but as he gets older not only does the symptoms become evident but also the condition gets worse since it had not been detected in the early stages.

As EWD evaluates the toxic perfumes on the basis of the ingredients mentioned on it many of the perfumes to this day still remain a mystery whether or not they are toxic or not as majorly of the perfume brands trend to hide the ingredients on the perfume

There are temporary reaction and then there are toxic reactions of the perfumes for the toxic relations it is still undetectable that what causes them exactly and how do they get so swear the thing evident for now is that they are caused when exposed to the perfume as for the temporary reaction or altogether they are caused by the frequent subjection to the perfume sometime a person might outgrow these allergies with time due to the continuous contact to these chemicals and scents. Nonetheless, perfumes are declared harmful for human heath and should not be used as often as we tend to make it a part of our routine life. 

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