PBA top 10 greatest players of all time


Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines, aside from boxing. The Philippine Basketball Association, or PBA, is Asia’s first professional basketball league and serves as a showcase for homegrown talent. The Philippine Basketball Association, the world’s first professional basketball league outside of the United States, was founded in 1975. Filipinos are surprisingly good at the sport, and the country has a slew of gold medals from regional events. 

 10. James Yap

Yap was a dangerous scorer with a variety of tricks at his disposal. He baffled opponents with his huge hands and this combination. He eventually developed into a capable defender. Yap was a clutch player who sank several remarkable game-winning shots.

9. Junemar Fajardo

Fajardo is the only player on our list that has the potential to rise quickly through the ranks. There have been plenty of giants in the PBA, but none have been as complete as Fajardo. Despite not playing for one of the conventional collegiate powerhouses, Fajardo, who stands at 6’10” and 278 pounds, was on the radar.

He’s so dominant in the paint that the game’s dynamics have shifted. Fajardo is a handful for single coverage, and double-teaming him will only provide his gifted teammates with open looks. He has an automatic double-double and is a rim protector of the highest caliber.

Fajardo has earned the MVP award six times in a row.

8. Allan Caidic 

When someone mentions “The Triggerman,” you can be sure they’re a sniper. Caidic is the finest sharpshooter in Philippine history. He shot 17-of-27 distance in one game.

With 1,242 3-pointers made, he formerly held the record for most 3-pointers made.  His standing as a marksman came abroad, as he was a staple in the public group.

 7. Johnny Abarrientos

The “Flying A” had a good chance of becoming the first Filipino to play in the NBA, with the Charlotte Hornets being his team. Despite his diminutive physique, he possessed all of the qualities that a point player should possess. He was a terrific facilitator who could also create his shot and was a nightmare on defense. He had a high basketball IQ, as one could imagine.

6. Ricardo Brown

California generates the most PBA players of any state. That may not surprising given the state’s basketball tradition and population size, but the Philippines are thousands of kilometers distant.

Brown paved the path for the league’s first Filipino-American players. He possessed some of the best handles in PH basketball history, a smooth jumper, and a knack for making his teammates look good with his deft passing. He was also a great athlete, as he called “The Quick Brown Fox” suggests.

 5. Benjie Paras

Some first-year players are considered starters from the outset. Paras is the epitome of this concept, as he is still the only Filipino player to win both Rookie and MVP awards in the same season.

Paras dubbed the “Tower of Power,” carried his collegiate supremacy over to the professional ranks. He was a match-up nightmare for opposition big because of his overwhelming strength and quickness.

 4. Alvin Patrimonio

The Captain was his generation’s best power forward, an automatic scorer who demanded double teams regularly. On four occasions, Patrimonio has chosen to be MVP. With 15,091 points, he ranks third all-time in scoring.

He was a steely competitor who once set the record for most straight games (596). In 2019, guard L. shattered the record. A. Tenorio is a name that comes to mind when you hear the word.

3. Bogs Adornado 

With his shooting prowess, the three-time MVP transformed Philippine basketball. He holds the honor of becoming the league’s inaugural MVP. While he is best renowned for his outside shot, he was also a potent post scorer. That is why he has won the PBA scoring championship three times.

His particular siphon counterfeit tricked numerous safeguards and is the justification for why he drove the association in free tosses made for two or three seasons. Adornado organized a brave return from a genuine knee injury somewhat right off the bat in his vocation and had a thundering rebound.

2. Ramon Fernandez

Fernandez was a pioneer in his field. He was a huge man who did things that big men do nowadays. He can control the ball and make plays for his team. Fernandez was on his way to a triple-double.

He won MVP respects multiple times in his long, famous lifetime. His 18,996 career points are still the most in the league, and he appears to keep it that way for the foreseeable future.

 1. Robert Jaworski

He’s a player whose legacy goes on decades after his final professional game. Jaworski was such a tenacious defender that anyone he covered considered double-teamed. His relentlessness, knowledge, and strange length and hand size made this conceivable.

While he put up respectable numbers throughout his career, his impact on the game extends beyond the scoreboard. He was a leader and the lifeblood of every squad he played on.


This article above listed the top 10 PBA of all time. You can see here the player who makes the most in his generation. Basketball has a significant impact on the Filipinos who idolize playing this game. Basketball is also available to sports betting bettors, who can wager on their favorite player and PBA team. OKBET offers the best odds for gamblers.

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