No Tarot Required – Quick and Easy Readings Using a Playing Card Deck

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If you need insight into a situation or an answer to a question about the tarot, there is an option available and anyone can use it!

The only things you’ll need are a deck of regular playing cards (preferably new) and some basic information, which is coming up!

The whole process is rather straightforward. Place your feet flat on the floor (this allows you to ‘ground’ yourself), close your eyes and hold the cards in your hands.

As you feel stressed, you should take a deep breath: in through your nose and out (slowly) through your mouth.

You should relax and focus on what you are doing, which is opening a connection between yourself and your oracle.

Describe the situation or problem and pose a simple, direct question that can be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (the purpose of which is to focus the strongest ‘director’ energy) — clarity is the key, so don’t overload yourself with questions.

It’s much easier to draw one card at a time if you draw one card at a time.

When it is easy to focus on the question, take a deep breath, shuffle gently, and when your concentration is high, cut the cards (just allow the deck to fall open in your hands, and lift each section and place it behind the other section).

This theory is simpler than it seems: rather than cutting the deck on a table, you simply do it in your hands (once the deck is placed down, the connection is broken).

You simply cut the deck three times, then flip the top card. Seeing the card can induce an intuitive flash, which may be a part of the message.

Once you have checked the colour, suit and number or face cards, you can link their meanings as described below (and you may turn two additional cards for further clarification, or to get an understanding of the past, present, and future energies).

Using the Colours and Black cards will indicate uneven energies and caution…the worst case scenario is to say no.

By contrast, the Red cards indicate a receptive or generally supportive energy .the best case scenario is to say yes. Specifically, the suit of spades represents thoughts, communication, and decisions– but it can also stand for energy that is authoritative, controlling, and abusive.

Spades tend to influence difficult experiences, such as problematic health issues or relationship changes.

The physical body, its actions, fertility, growth, and social life of the club are all linked to the physical fire and passion.

This is where strong interests and desires reside along with the focus and motivation to make them a reality.

Diamonds are symbols of logical thought, practicality, ambition, wealth, and security, and they are related to education, careers, homes, and personal motivation. Money, the home, or a job are common topics focused upon by a person searching for a diamond.

* Hearts represent feelings such as being loved, having strong friendships, acquiring family unity, and nurturing the self.

Although it radiates a warm, flowing and loving energy, it can also carry the heartbreak of separation, depression, and loss.

In the Numbers, the Ace (number 1) symbolizes an original force, a new beginning, a breakthrough and the determination to survive.

You will receive this card when a new endeavor begins, such as when launching a new relationship, domestic move, or new job.

For this energy to flourish, one must leave the past behind and embrace the future fully.

The number 2 is the couple, the two sides, and the dynamic and the imbalance (or balance) between them.

This number appears when there is a conflict between two people, places or things and indicates the state of balance between the consultant and the other element.

A number 3 represents the (magical) trinity, the creative process, the manifestation of life and the physical activity of the body and mind.

In tarot, this card will show up when the question is about three aspects or if the question involves fertility or growth.

* Number 4 represents the elements of security and stability in life: health, job, family, and finances. If there is a question regarding foundations, then it should be low.

This number means that the foundation is either strong or weak. Change, the senses, independence, freedom, and (the need for) open communication make up the fifth priority by number.

If uncommon activities or events are anticipated or appear or if freedom needs to be gained from some sort of restraint, this number will appear.

In the number 6 there is domestic and familial love, returning to the fold, caring, nurturing, and safety.

The number will show up if the question concerns love in any form, meaning that we can love our jobs, our partners, our homes, and many more! In number seven we have logical investigation, both scientific and metaphysical.

When this number appears, it indicates that someone should be careful when evaluating something, or when something seems mysterious or unexplainable. It may also indicate that you should heed the voice of intuition.

The number 8 represents power, control, authority, and is capable of entrapping and overwhelming.

A powerful energy will display itself when this number is present — for example: when you’re constrained by someone, place, or thing, or when you find peace between spiritual and material worlds — there are two radically different energies appearing: ego and serenity.

* Number 9 represents beginnings and endings (that are usually interconnected), imagination, creativity, intuition, and compassion.

There will be an appearance of this number when sensitive, mystical, or metaphysical topics are discussed as well as ones concerning situations that are rapidly losing power over the consultant’s life and must be ended.

This represents the moment of finalization, the point of crossing the finish line, the moment when one is on the threshold of the Ace.

In this case, the consultant will see the number when they stand at the threshold of the door and are ready to begin a new experience.

According to the Tarot, this card corresponds to the Fool (the first card). * The Face Cards of Jacks convey a specific message pertaining to its suit.

When consulting for a client, this card presents itself when a communication or offer is due, but it can also present itself in the form of a direct and personal message from the consultant to the client.

An example of a Queen is an individual who may assist or hinder, who is connected to and can represent the consultant’s position or state of mind. –

The term king refers to a man who occupies a position within the suit, can either assist or hinder, and can also represent the state of the consultant’s mind. In the Jokers (these can be removed prior to the reading if desired)

* The Red Joker symbolizes the unexpected with a positive perspective. The Black Joker represents unexpected events that have an adverse connotation.

If one is considering a new relationship and draws the 7 of Hearts, the message is one of cautious optimism; if one is thinking about changing jobs, the message is caution as there is a negative overtone in the form of an imbalance between the consultant and an element of the new job.

As a final example, if a person wants to know whether moving is in their future, and draws the Ace of Diamonds, start packing! Make it simple and have fun! By the way, how was your move?

If you use this system to divine in the future, keep the card strictly for divinatory purposes – do not play poker with it!

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