New Interior Doors for the Entire Family

Interior Doors

Even though doors are usually among the last things you observe in someone’s home, they have a very important job: keeping the noise and cold air outside while creating a warm, cozy environment inside. So, if you feel like it’s been a bit drafty lately, maybe it’s time to consider replacing some of the old doors with new, shiny ones. There are a plethora of options ranging from glass to folding doors and accordion doors.

This is a fun DIY project and the entire family could pitch in with a bit of help. However, first you have to know that the project can be a bit expensive, depending on the number of doors you need to replace. The end result will definitely be worth every penny as you won’t be just improving the living conditions inside you will also be creating a new style for your home.

If you don’t want to part with any of your old doors, there is always the possibility to repair them or change their appearance. But first, let’s see where you can buy new ones.

New doors for everyone

Nowadays, it’s stylish to have different doors for every room so make sure to get the entire family involved when you go snooping around the market. If you’re not pretentious and you’re not looking for extra fancy doors, then the local hardware store should be the best place to find a few good models.

However, if you feel that it’s time to move on from those flimsy doors that can be easily broken with a simple kick, you should call the specialists. For instance, you can take a look at the doors produced by Hugo Carter. They have a wonderful variety of types and styles that will definitely impress you (I know I am astonished)!

Installing new doors

The installation is a bit tricky as it must be done correctly if you want to eliminate any air currents and completely sound proof the interior of the house. If you (or your spouse) are skilled with this type of work, then you can consider this a DIY project. However, you must keep in mind that if the installation is not done correctly, your doors will be squeaky and won’t fully fit in the frame.

So, if you’re not 100% sure you can do this, it’s best to call the specialists.

A bit of color

If your doors are still usable and you simply want to refresh them, a bit of color will do the trick. Have you ever considered painting your doors in different colors throughout the entire house? It may sound crazy, but this way you can make everyone happy and excited about the new home improvement strategy.

For example, you can paint the door at your daughter’s bedroom pink or whatever color she wants (of course, the same goes for boys). Meanwhile, the door to the living room could be painted in bright yellow which will warm up the atmosphere. The door to the kitchen could be blue, and the one leading to your bedroom could be dark as night. You have a fantastic chance to play mix and match with colors so don’t ignore it!

Regardless of the method you choose, your house will definitely look different after the project is completed. The best part is that you only need a bit of imagination and your family’s support and you can do the transformation without any hired help.

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