Installing Floating Shelf Brackets – A Quick Guide

There are many problems that can arise when you attach anything to the wall in the house. The type of wall you are attaching to will determine the type of problem you have. Our floating shelf brackets can be used to fit our floating shelves to different types of walls. We also offer advice on how to fit our floating shelves to different types of walls.

In the past few years, we have been forced to turn down countless customers who wanted our floating shelves but their walls weren’t suitable for them. The worst thing is that we have had customers who have received their new shelf and then found out that when they drilled it into the wall, their wall makeup wasn’t what they had anticipated and so the shelf couldn’t be used.

There had previously been limited options for floating shelf brackets. The only option that existed was for solid walls with a standard wall plug. As part of our commitment to provide our customers with greater flexibility and better chances of success, we designed our own brand of floating shelf brackets in order to offer the best possible odds of success.

There have been increasing developments in wall fixings in recent times, and any and all wall fixings we provide would be of the highest quality possible (as cheap quality, product-supplied fixings are our #1 pet peeve). Our team is very excited to announce that our website has been updated to feature all these fixings, which are all available in our hardware section.

Floating Shelf Brackets For Solid Walls

Unlike many other available options, our solid wall floating shelf brackets have a few unique features that make them a lot more useful. In contrast to cheap floating shelf fixings, the high-quality machined threads won’t break when installed. 

In addition, these shelves are supplied with a Fischer UX10 wall plug. Compared to any other plug on the market, this is by far the best because the plug has sharp wings on it so it will stay in place during installation, and its large expanding section will be able to hold if you are drilling into a cavity in the wall.

There is an interchangeable thread system that is built into all of our floating shelf brackets. If your wall surface seems to be a bit tricky, you can remove the threaded part and replace it with another type. It means that in case you choose a different thread option, it will not be necessary for you to replace the whole floating shelf bracket.

Here is a video showing you the recommended fitting method for our floating shelves that are suitable for solid walls.

Plastic Shelf Brackets For Plasterboard Surface

We have concealed plasterboard floating shelf fixings which allow you to use the Gripit brown fixing to fix your shelf solely to plasterboard, by changing only the thread section of the fixing. It is advisable for any of you who haven’t used or seen Gripit fixings all ready to go and take a close look at them. 

The fixings of these shelves are so strong that they can be attached to plasterboards without any problems. It is only thanks to these fixings that we can now offer plasterboard floating shelves for our customers.

It is possible with this attachment to fit a floating shelf directly to the plasterboard portion of your wall without the need to align it with the studs or to obtain any additional supports. It is tested to a weight of 5 kilograms on a 9mm plasterboard wall with these plasterboard floating shelf brackets. 

We placed 5kgs inside a 120mm bracket at the end of our test, which accounted for the leverage effect that is experienced when using floating shelves. This is based on a thin, 9mm plasterboard wall which is the worst-case scenario.

Sturdy Floating Shelf Brackets

You should be able to handle any load rating imaginable with the heavy-duty floating shelf brackets. Tests have been conducted on a pair of these up to 100 kilograms, and we are confident they will be able to handle more weight (if we had another bag of plaster on hand).

Floating sink basin shelves, amplified record players, and media shelves are all possible with these shelf brackets. In addition to being able to form floating bedside tables, they can also be used in so many other ways. These brackets are the right choice for you if you need strength and reliability.

Since the main support pin for floating shelves needs strong support, we only recommend mounting these to solid walls. The heavy-duty shelf brackets can be fitted to plasterboard walls, however substantial timber work will have to be installed behind the wall to provide the required support. There is a good chance that the wall will fail, not the bracket!

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