Importance and Effects of Numerology on One’s Life

Numerologist in India

Numerology is a widespread belief in astrology that focuses on numbers. Everyone interacts with numbers in their daily lives. You can easily find a Numerologist in India as they can help you reveal the universe’s origin in your life. We use numbers for choosing a date for our parties, calculating our bills, passing important exams, etc. Numbers are intricately linked to every part of our life. Numbers are pretty powerful and can connect people and cultures. Numbers have been instrumental in enlightening our ancestors. They are an integral part of many religions across the world. Read this article to find out the immense importance of Numerology.


You should contact the best numerologist in your area as they can help you with your problems. Numerology can be used to  help people see their situations in life from a different perspective. You can see different aspects of your life, such as your health, career growth, relationships, marriage, personal growth, wealth, etc., from different perspectives. You can find your path in life with the help of a top astrologer. These events are all related to numbers that can reveal important things to you. Numerology is an important branch of astrology, and it can be quite confusing. Hence, you should find an experienced numerologist to help you on the right path. You can find a numerologist in your area by looking up the phrase “numerologist near meon popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

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Numerology Numbers

Many significant numbers are used for finding different things about a native in Numerology. Numerology has been the most popular in the Indian subcontinent, but many cultures worldwide have also practised numerologists for centuries. Three numbers are deemed essential when an astrologer is trying to find out more about your life. The three most essential numbers according to numerology are mentioned below.

  • Name Number

You can find your name number by writing down your name and then writing down the numerical value of each letter of your name. You need to add these numerical values and then reduce them to a primary number to find your name. For instance, if your name is RAM, when you add the numerical values attached to each letter of your word, the sum is thirty-two. You need to add the two digits of this sum to get the basic number which is also the name number. Here, the basic or the name number is (3+2) 5.

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  • Destiny Number

The basic number also has some deep meaning according to numerology. People try to change their character a lot, and hence the importance that they attach to their lives or their destiny will also change. Hence, the destiny number is critical in solving the problem between the Psychic and destiny number. Moreover, the destiny number is also helpful in revealing how a person perceives other people and their vibes. The top numerologist in India thinks you can find out essential characteristics of a person by studying the name number. You can easily find the number by adding the year, month, and date of birth with the base number.

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  • Psychic Number 

A psychic number is a unique number that helps a numerologist determine the talents, skills, and characteristics that a native possesses. You can find your psychic number easily with just your birth date. Fir example, if your birth date was September 21st, 1993, your psychic number is 3. You need to find your psychic number as it can help you in various aspects of life, such as your liking related to marriage, dreams, relationships, desires, etc. 

All the basic numbers from one to nine reveal different things and meanings. Numerologists believe each basic number has different vibrations.

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Uses of Numerology

  • It is used to find growth in your professional and personal life.
  • It helps select a lucky and suitable name for a newborn baby.
  • It can lead you to understand yourself better and more deeply.
  • It can guide you in difficult situations in your life to help you make the right decisions.

Numerology is highly complex, and you can get intimidated by it as a beginner. However, you need to contact an experienced astrologer to help you figure out your name, destiny number, psychic number, etc. Numerology can help you significantly as it can help you understand yourself better.

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Numerology is a powerful tool to help you make better decisions in life. With the help of an experienced numerologist, you can find out the inner workings of your subconscious and better understand your life’s path. If you cannot conclude a problematic part of your life, you should try numerology. It can give you a sense of clarity and help you make decisions. Hence, you should contact a numerologist around you and start this exciting journey of finding yourself. 

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