How to use pre-rolls packaging for your brands’ advertisement? 6 secrets

pre roll packaging

If you consume cannabis then you may know about pre-rolls. These are ready-to-go joints that have cannabis in them. Pre-rolls tend to be a popular way of smoking cannabis. The brands that manufacture these should also concentrate on the packaging part of the product. Pre-roll packaging can play different roles like keep the product safe whilst advertising and marketing it in a store.

The following are 6 ways on how to use pre-roll boxes for your brand’s advertisement:

Get strong boxes

Those brands that want to advertise themselves positively should invest in good-quality custom pre-rolls packaging. If you can make a strong box, you can attract shoppers as they will see that you care about quality. They may think that your product is a good-quality one like this as well.

The boxes should also be made with material that will not harm the pre-rolls in any way. No harmful chemicals must be present that can go into the pre rolls.

Materials that you can think about getting include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These will allow you to make a sturdy box that can keep the product safe. If you are not able to keep the merchandise safe, your packaging has failed in one of its main aims.

Give image that brand is sustainable

It is important to advertise your business as an environmentally friendly one. This is because many people are conscious about the environment and prefer to buy from brands that will help them limit their carbon footprint.

Pre rolls packaging must be made so that it is recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable. It must not lie around in landfills or go into water bodies harming sea life.

If you use “green” materials for the packaging of pre-rolls, you will be able to show your brand as one that is sensible and responsible. It will be seen as one that cares about the environment.

Boxes that attract a potential consumer base

Pre-roll boxes must be able to attract the potential consumer base if you want those people who need the product to be drawn towards it. Sales can increase in this way.

Find out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc. of the target audience for pre-rolls so that boxes can be made that they will be attracted towards.

Pre-rolls may be brought by those in their late teens and adults. The packaging must be decent and serious. Kids must not get the impression that the product is something for them. For instance, do not include images of popular cartoon characters on the box as this makes children think that the product is for them.

Details to include on the box

You need to include information about the product on custom pre-rolls packaging if you want customers to know about what you are selling. Keep in mind that many shoppers will not have time to read many details. By looking at the box, people must immediately know what you are selling. Avoid including unnecessary details on packaging as this can confuse.

Find out what information is needed and add that in an interesting font. Select the size of the font and color carefully as well. Everything must be readable.

You may need to include what the product is, its ingredients, warnings, how to store and use, quantity, weight, etc.

It is a good idea to also include any special features about the pre-rolls on pre-rolls packaging. This helps people see why your product is better than the competition. Do not lie over here.

Let the brand be known

It is important to increase brand awareness if you want to advertise and market the product. Attractive pre-roll boxes are able to help out here. If you can increase brand awareness, you will be able to get your business established in the industry.

It is necessary to include a brand logo on the box. The logo should be a memorable one that can get noticed. When consumers see it on another packaging, they must know that the product is from your business.

State the contact information about your business on packaging as well if you want it to be easier for consumers to contact you. Give them your brand’s physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc.

Make packaging that will stand out

When advertising your product with the help of custom pre-rolls packaging, this must be prominent so that it can get noticed. Only when the packaging can stand out may people consider it.

To stand out, you should choose the colors, images, designs, etc. to include on the box carefully. Keep in mind that different colors have different meanings. Select those that will appeal most to your customer base and help them know about your brand and its products. For example, black is seen as a color of elegance and class but some people see it as one of evil.

If you want to include an image on the box, do not add a childish one. It is better to keep the design simple yet attractive.

You can look at trends in the packaging of pre-rolls. These will give you an idea of what the competition is doing and what is succeeding like the minimalist trend that keeps everything simple.

Custom cardboard boxes can be used to advertise your brand and product when you have attractively designed the boxes. If they can attract people they will be considered. Your product must get noticed. You can give a good impression if you focus on making amazing packaging. Keep your customers and the product in mind when you are doing this. Choose the best packaging material that will keep the pre-rolls safe from any external influences and harm.

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