How To Get The Best Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Did you live restricted in your Sydney home during the lockdown? If so, you must be bored staring at the same old things daily.

Wondering how to change things up?

You can get the best bathroom renovations Sydney to help you out. Changing the layout of small spaces, like bathrooms, can make the space less boring. Additionally, it can also get you some extra storage space.

Read on to find out how to get the best bathroom renovations and bring some change into what must have become a mundane home by now.

Deciding on a budget

According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the annual national renovations activity for 2021-22 was around 37.5 billion AUD. Australian homes most commonly lean towards kitchen and bathroom renovations of all the home renovations.

Bathroom renovations are quite a popular choice.

The rates look something like the following in Sydney:

  • Bathroom makeover cost: 5,000 to 15,000 AUD

If you are not looking for much of a structural change, you can get a makeover at a reasonable price. The exact cost will depend on the size of the bathroom.

  • Standard bathroom renovations: 15,000 to 30,000 AUD

This is the price range you will be looking at if you want a complete haul. The whole thing can be renovated for as low as 15,000 AUD, from fixtures to piping.

  • Luxury bathroom renovation: Over 30,000 AUD

If you want to strip down your current bathroom and create a luxury one, it will cost you at least 40,000 AUD. The budget may cross that mark depending on how much you want to do.

Finding the right professionals

When wanting to go through with your renovation plans, you want the best professionals by your side. What to look for when choosing them?

Consider the following:

  • How well does the company fit into your budget?
  • What kind of work have they done in the past?
  • Have they gotten positive reviews from previous customers?

The best professionals will help you pick the right design that maximizes the use of your space. You should be able to rely on them for excellent designs and high-quality supplies.

Bathroom renovation ideas

Finally, the burning question: What to do during renovations?

There is a lot you can do with this small space. You can theme it around different colours and create a comfy vibe. Here are some ideas to transform our bathroom:

1. Mosaic walls

These beautiful tiled walls add a new dimension to small spaces and give your bathroom an elegant look. You can add this feature behind the bathtub, sink, or on the feature wall of the shower.

2. Spa baths

Small bathrooms do not imply that you cannot have a bath. Spa baths take up a tiny corner and give you the relaxing features of a bathtub. Make these next to a window and enjoy a spa day.

3. Back-lit mirrors

From small bathrooms to large luxury ones, back-lit mirrors are perfect for adding some panache to your bathroom. They enhance the reflection and give your bathroom modern feel.

Wrapping up

When revamping your bathroom, ensure that you choose the best bathroom renovations Sydney. The right professionals will ensure you get the best services and turn this small space of your home into something incredible.

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