How to Find Best CBSE School in Bannerghatta, Bangalore?

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If you are a parent, you must be looking at schools that your child can enroll into to get the best education out there. However, it can be a pressurizing and stressful event to figure out the best school. Bangalore is a modern-day city, with the newest technologies. This reflects in its system of day-to-day working whether it is the corporate or IT sector, lifestyle or quality of life. To make this task a little less daunting, let us look at some parameters to keep in mind while looking for a CBSE school in the area of Bannerghatta in Bangalore.

Smart Infrastructure of CBSE School Bangalore

Infrastructure is not just bricks and mortar. It goes beyond the traditional understanding of four walls and a blackboard. Today’s modern schools in bannerghatta have  an infrastructure that is not only smart and solid, but has ample breathing and playing space for students. The infrastructure must accommodate state of the art technology, new designs, learning points and be aesthetically soothing to the eyes of students as a beautiful school garners increased interest of the learner.

A school must have large windows and corridors for natural sunlight, air and be surrounded with greenery. There must be playgrounds for kindergartners as well as young students in terms of park, playground, tennis, basketball, football court, amphitheatre, stage etc. There must be adequate space for students to play and learn.

All this should be equipped with technology like smart boards instead of just plain old blackboards, digitised walls and lockers etc.

Transportation in CBSE Schools of Bannerghatta

Since Bannerghatta was formed out of Bannerghatta National Park, it is a little far from the city. So, it becomes imperative for you to figure out how you will provide transportation to your child. Some of the best CBSE school Bangalore provide transportation facility to and fro with school buses and van services. If you wish to pick up and drop your child on your own, and stay far away, you will need to figure out how long it will take and what you can accommodate since Bangalore is popular for its long traffic jams which can leave your child exhausted at the end of the day.

Safety and Security of Students at CBSE Schools in Bannerghatta

The Bannerghatta National Park has a beautiful fauna and flora, this also means that the school is surrounded by animals and wildlife. If you are looking for a school in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, it will give your child the best environment but you must also enquire about safety protocols taken up by the school. Usually international schools have strict security protocols where  safety measures are taken at all points, so it is a good idea to ask the school anyway.

Special Focus on Advancements and Innovation in CBSE Schools Bangalore

Technology is pervasive, it has defined how we live each day especially in the past two years. It then becomes important to see what kind of technological and innovative techniques does a school have in place for the students to have an immersive learning experience. This could be in terms of having technology labs, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence boosted classes where students experience learning, smart boards and classes.

Trained Faculty of CBSE Schools in Bangalore

The role of a teacher is changing each day. Today a teacher is not just a passive one directed dissemination device, but someone who guides, helps, supports and facilitates education for young minds. A teacher has a major impact on a student’s well being- physically, emotionally and spiritually. In such a case, a teacher often becomes an influencer and it becomes imperative that teachers of CBSE Schools are trained not only in their domain of expertise, but in understanding a child and their unique needs and help them grow holistically into curious learners.

Academia and Curriculum of CBSE Schools in Bannerghatta

CBSE follows a strict but practical approach of learning, largely focusing on STEM. But, lately, CBSE schools have understood the importance of uniqueness, creativity, divergence, inclusivity and with the changing world, some CBSE schools blend the CBSE curriculum with other specialities like 9 GEMS so students can get the best of the learning. This is equipped with values, accountability, leadership, and community. Students learn soft skills required by the work industry from an early age so much so that it becomes like a second skin for them. It is important for you to see if your child feels enriched and comfortable, interested in the curriculum and atmosphere the school has to provide.


Finally, to find the best CBSE school in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, you should look at your child’s needs and what a school is offering. Some schools also have special workshops and seminars for parents and community groups with active and collaborative learning such that the child can benefit the most. Schools create an ecosystem of safety and compassion where the child feels free to make mistakes and be curious. Schools in Bannerghatta also have the additional benefit of a natural habitat that the rest of the bustling city might be missing in terms of wide lawns and breathing space, visits to the National Parks, and seeing wildlife at its prime.

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