How To Extract Broken Key

Broken Key

It can be terrifying to have a broken key in a lock, especially on the front door. There are a few inventive and straightforward solutions if one has extra keys and needs to remove a damaged vital from a lock. Although removing a broken key from a lock can be done by anyone, it can cause more damage to the lock if done incorrectly or in a hurry. Before attempting to use a broken key extractor, one must make sure they understand what they are doing. Otherwise, they might require the assistance of a professional locksmith. However, a broken key extractor is low-cost and easy to use gadget. This is a tool for removing a broken key piece stuck inside a lock. These extractor tools come in various shapes and sizes. The hook and harpoon types are the most common. Because there are so many lock configurations to consider, these tools have different styles.

Key extractors come in various shapes, but harpoons and hooks are the most common. Both are small and pointy. Both types of extractors have their advantages and can complete the task. Because most locks in homes and escape rooms in the United States have wide-open keyways, the shape of your extractor is less critical. It’s only essential that it’s small and sharp. To use a key extractor, one must insert it into the keyway and raise all of the pins as high as the extractor will allow and attempt to hook a key bit with one of the sharp prongs. After that, it can be taken out.

The following steps must be followed

It is necessary to lubricate the lock.

Lubrication is necessary to take the key out. To start, you must spray the lock mechanism with a multifunction product. The intelligent straw will aid you in spraying the area precisely. Any spills must be cleaned up with a cloth. The lubricant will reduce friction inside the keyhole cylinder, making it easier to withdraw the key.

Remove the broken key from the slightly protruding lock.

If you’re lucky, the piece of the broken key may emerge from the lock. Use the tapered beak clamp to remove the key in this situation. If you don’t have a tapered beak clamp, use a pair of scissors instead. If you can’t see the broken key sticking out, don’t worry. By lubricating and aligning the keyhole cylinder, you can pull it out. To help you with this, use pliers, tweezers, or scissors

Remove the broken key from the mechanism.

If the previous method fails, try one of the following alternatives: A powerful magnet: Remember that this method only works if your key is made of iron. To extract damaged keys, locksmiths use a broken key essential extraction kit. This kit can save you a lot of time and money if you have a lot of broken keys.

With the broken key, go to a locksmith.

After you’ve removed the broken key from the lock, don’t throw the shattered pieces away. Take the damaged parts to a locksmith and have a new key made instead of replacing the lock.


Before using a broken key extractor, make sure you know what you’re doing. Although anyone can remove a broken key from a lock, doing so incorrectly or in a hurry can cause more damage to the lock.

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