How to Design the Best Corporate Workwear for Your Employees?


The corporate sector demands a professional and executive appearance from its employees to create a brand image. Accordingly, employee workwear should be designed in a sober yet attention-grabbing fashion to boost their confidence while wearing it daily. Corporate workwear should provide comfortable features and thoughtful designs to establish a brand identity while also meeting the quality standards for daily usage.

Factors to Consider When Designing Corporate Workwear.

Uniforms can be of varied types. From casual and business casual to professional and special uniforms, there are varied options to choose from while designing employee workwear. But certain factors need your attention before you decide on the workwear of your brand.


Employees’ comfort is the foremost priority when making any decision regarding workwear. Studies say that comfortable uniforms lead to high productivity and develop a sense of pride among the employees in their workplace. Any workwear design, from logo to colour, should be finalised, keeping in mind its practical utility.


Many corporate companies prefer printing or embroidering their logo on employee workwear. The logo is a crucial brand recall and carries the message of your brand to people. Placing a simple logo on your company workwear will dictate your loyalty and professionalism. Your logo can be placed on the left or right side of the shirt, on the left or right sleeve, or below the collar. You can also decide whether your logo should be a simple or a complicated design, composed of a single colour or a combination of colours, and contain any promotional message.

Fabric Choice.

Choosing the right material for your employee workwear is crucial. According to the working conditions of your employees, the fabric may vary from simple, comfortable and durable to fire-resistant, wear-resistant, and weather-tolerant material with reduced visibility. The fabric should be soft, moisture-wicking, and not negatively affect your employees’ morale or productivity.


While it is obvious to take care of the quality and branding of your company’s workwear, it is also important to invest with your budget in mind. A company has several other plans and ventures to invest in. Creating customised workwear involves substantial initial investments, which many corporate companies cannot afford.

Employee Opinions.

Employees are the ultimate wearers of your uniforms. So, considering their opinions on the styles, fabric, logo design, and colours matters a lot. Ask them their preferred workwear designs to make them feel involved in your decisions and satisfied with the final output.

Branding Service.

With all the other factors in place, you need to decide which form of printing or embroidery you’ll employ in your workwear. There are usually four options — embroidery, transfer printing, digital, and screen printing.

While embroidery works with bags, shoes, and clothes, transfer printing can be done for medium- to large-quantity orders. On the contrary, digital printing works well with small order sizes, and screen printing gives prolonged vibrance in designs and colours.


Quality is your rate-limiting factor while designing your corporate workwear. Choose high-quality, durable material over cheap options to ensure comfort, utility, and longevity. Picking sober colours and simple yet attractive designs will influence the professionalism and branding of your company’s workwear. The style, fabric, and executive appeal of your uniforms will motivate your employees to bring out their best.

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