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All the queries related to “How to Convert MBOX to PST without any software or manually” will be addressed here.

MBOX or Berkley file format is widely used in thunderbird to store and collect Email messages. Entire folders message is stored by MBOX in a single file under a database and all the new files are attached to the end of the original files. There is no doubt in saying that MBOX is an Ultimate file format to work with but sometimes users want different functionality for their working files. In this article, I will thoroughly explain to you how you can Convert MBOX to PST for free.

Why is there a preference for PST over MBOX?

Let us see why people want to import MBOX to Outlook, in the below-written steps:

  • Security is the major concern with the MBOX file system that is why people tend to move from .MBOX to .PST file format.
  • In Outlook we are also able to work without internet connectivity.
  • In PST we have systematic storage of mails while in MBOX sequential mechanism is followed to store the mails.
  • Other than emails, in PST we can store and share calendars, notes, tasks, contacts, etc.

Let me define the terminologies by which you will be able to convert MBOX to PST Manually and Professionally.

How to Convert MBOX to PST Using Manual Method

In Manual terminology, we have to follow 3 steps to convert thunderbird to outlook

  • In the first step save your MBOX emails to EML format.
  • EML files will be dragged and dropped into Outlook.
  • Finally Exporting of EML to PST file format.

Save your MBOX emails to EML format

  • Run the MBOX application and make a new folder by right-clicking on the folder option.
  • Fill the data in the name option field and hit the create folder button.
  • Make a selection of all the EML messages that you want to save in MBOX file format. Right-click on the selected EML files and move them to the new folder that you have recently created.
  • You can see that all the EML mails are now in the My_Emails folder.
  • Select all the files in the My_Emails folder right-click on them and choose to save as an option to save them at the preferred location of your choice.

EML files will be dragged and dropped into Outlook

In this step, all you need to do is to go to the path where your EML files are saved. Select them and drop them into the Outlook folder of your choice.

Exporting of EML to PST file Format

  • After the opening of the Outlook Application, all you need to do is to select the file option on the left top corner of the screen and choose Open & Export and then Import/Export option.
  • A new dialogue box is opened as an Import and Export Wizard. In this, you have to choose the Export to a file option and hit the Next button on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Under Export to a file dialogue box make a selection on Outlook data file(.PST) and enter on Next to continue.
  • Now, go to the My_Emails folder where you have saved all your EML files. Click on the Include subfolders option and then hit the NEXT button.
  • Browse for the location where you want to save your resultant files. Also, choose not to import duplicate items and click finish.
  • Finally, the resultant PST files can be seen as:

I have explained to you one Manual Terminology, but you can also convert MBOX to PST using Apple mail Email clients. This method can be seen as the combination of 4 steps that are written below:

Make Use of Apple Mail

Run the Apple Mail application on your system.

Go to File and then select Import Mailboxes.

Make a selection of all the files that needed to be moved to MBOX and hit continue to move to the next step.

Now, go to the location where all the files are saved, select the appropriate files that need to be imported. Now choose the continue option.

Click on done when the import process gets completed. Do make sure that the import section has all the desired files.

Using the Eudora application

Here, first, change your data file name from ‘ABC’ to ‘ABC.mbx’.

Now, move the ABC.mbx file to C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora.

Run the Eudora application and open your ‘ABC.mbx’ file.

Using Outlook Express

Run the application and go to file>Import and then choose the messages option.

In the message, the section selects Eudora and clicks on Next Button.

Browse the location at which the ABC.mbx file is saved and press Ok to move further.

Now, follow the further steps to import the files successfully.

Using Outlook application

Start your Outlook Application and click on the file option.

Choose the Import option under the Import/Export section.

Now, select the option as Import from another file and folder option and click on the next option.

Choose the Import Internet mail and Address option and click on Next to continue.

In this step, you can select the window mail option or go for Outlook express 4.x,5.x, or 6.x to continue the further process.

Finally, choose the DBX file to Convert the MBOX file to the PST file successfully.

Cons of Manual Method

Manual Terminology consists of so many steps hence time that is taken to convert MBOX to PST will be very high.

The chances of data loss are huge in this method.

Only the technical person can perform this operation, for other people it will be difficult to follow the mentioned steps.

Synchronization of data from different applications and procedures is very hectic.

The professional way to convert MBOX to PST

As you can see that there are various problematic concerns that are associated with the manual method, I would like you to introduce the Professional MBOX to PST Converter tool. DRS infotech has made a utility MBOX File Converter that helps you to Import MBOX files to PST, Yahoo, Gmail, OST, Yandex, and many other file formats. Even the corrupted MBOX files can be converted using this tool. This tool also provides the mechanism to convert MBOX to various image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. This tool first converts the MBOX file to a PST file and then the converted files are moved to the Outlook application with utmost precision and integration.


This article first explains the three manual methods to convert .MBOX to .PST and then Apple email clients working is defined by 4 steps. In the later part limitations associated with the manual method are defined and to overpower those limitations MBOX file converter tool is introduced to you. In the final wrap-up, I would like you to convert MBOX to PST file using the professional DRS tool to make sure that your conversion is 100% successful without any data lapse and issues.

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