How to colour hair black or brown naturally with indigo powder

Are you aware about how indigo colours hair?

Indigo is a natural dye that has a deep blue shade. If you want to colour anything deep blue, you drop some indigo mixed with water over it. It has been in use in the textile industry since centuries, in modern times finding useful applications in printing as well. Fashion is another industry which has started using indigo recently primarily for colouring hair. ‘Herbal indigo powder online’ and ‘best herbal hair color’, hence are fast becoming catch-phrases in the online shopping circles.

The summer season is upon us. Starting April, you can start using indigo to colour your hair. It will also bring a cooling effect to your mane, thus soothing you during the hot summer months. So, what will it be for your crowning glory during the upcoming hot months? How will you decorate your tresses turning them into stunning and head-turning masterpieces?

But before choosing the best herbal hair color or searching for the herbal indigo powder online, it is important to learn about herbal hair colors first. Herbal hair colours are made out of herbs like reed roots, henna, indigo, manjistha, coffee, tea, fenugreek, hibiscus, bhringraj, amla, and many more. Being plant materials they do not colour hair as vibrantly as chemicals like PPD and Peroxides do. The best herbal hair color will only colour your hair somberly and elegantly while also nourishing, conditioning and hydrating your hair. Let’s understand the benefits of herbal hair colours one by one:

  1. Chemical hair colors cause hair loss and damage hair. Whereas, the best herbal hair color will never damage your hair. It will help prevent hair breakage, premature greying of hair and premature balding, which are usually the side effects of chemical hair colours.
  2. Chemical hair colors may cause multiple side effects. Herbal hair colors, on the other hand, have no added chemicals in them so they do not have any side effects. Also, it will leave your hair silky and shiny for up to 5 weeks.
  3. The best herbal hair color or herbal indigo hair powder online is a single-step hair color. It works almost like giving you a hair treatment sitting at home.
  4. Herbal indigo powder can be mixed with herbal henna powder, manjistha root powder and chamomile flower powder to render varying shades of black, brown, burgundy, etc.
  5. The herbal hair colors are not expensive. You only have to use them as per your hair length. But, you must make sure to only use fresh pastes every time you sit for colouring your hair.

What is the best way to choose a herbal hair colour?

  1. Go through the ingredients list before making your purchase. Make a list of all ingredients that are good for your hair and try to match them with those mentioned on the pack. Do a background check on the harmful chemicals that can damage your hair and scalp and try to avoid these at all costs.
  2. Go for powder based organic hair colours since they are 100% natural. Gel based organically natural hair colors might contain some chemicals vis-à-vis the powdered dyes, although these chemicals would be harmless but nutritioning organic compounds.
  3. If you are purchasing herbal indigo powder online then go for a brand you trust. Check up articles and online reviews about them. And buy only from a reputed website.
  4. Your best herbal hair color would also depend upon your styling preferences. Talk to a beauty expert to know more about the colours that would suit you.

How to apply the herbal hair color?

  1. Herbal hair colours are easy to use. All you have to do is add some boiling water to the herb powder and mix it up to form a smooth lump-free paste. You may add some essential oils like Tea Tree Oil to make it more enriching.
  2. Add the paste on your hair lengthwise and keep it for some time. Once it dries out rinse it with water.
  3. You don’t have to use a conditioner since the natural herbs carry conditioning elements in it. But a good organic colour fixing shampoo would help darken the hair colour, so you should sought out one.
  4. The color will last for up to 5 weeks depending on the quality of your hair.

To buy the safest and purest herbal indigo powder online you can give Indus Valley Bio-Organic Indigo Leaf Powder a try. You may also go for a combination of organic indigo powder and organic henna powder for colouring your hair in black and brown shades.

Do you have more queries to ask? Talk to our beauty and health experts through your comments below.

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