How To Choose The Right Dinnerware?

Planning to organise a dinner party at your place for your loving friends and family, but the state of your pre-existing dinnerware is stressing you out?

Well, as important as the food is, it’s also essential that you serve it well and good on new, beautiful dinner plates.

Now, if you plan a quick purchase to amp up your dinnerware game, you must keep the following factors in mind. The right dinnerware will, after all, last you a perfectly long time!

1.    Right number

One of the essential factors when choosing a dinner set is to decide the number of dinner plates you need in your dinner set. They usually come in 12, 16 and 18 pieces. Depending on the size of your party, the number of people you have called over, and the price of the dinner set, you can pick one that suits your requirements.

If you want something that also suits your daily needs, you can make do with smaller dinnerware with fewer plates. This will very well cater to your immediate family. But, when entertaining a larger crowd, you will require a more extensive set.

2.    Right size

Up next, after the number of pieces, you need to consider the style and design of the dinner set. It should reflect your personality – something that pleases your eyes and makes your meal more enjoyable.

You can pick from many styles, from formal and decorative to simple and minimal.

Additionally, you can also buy a solid colour, a simple dinner set or choose something with pleasing patterns. Some of the most common designs that you will find are abstract, floral, and geometric prints.

3.    Right material

It might blow your mind away, but you can find dinnerware in endless materials. When choosing between bone China, porcelain, glass, etc., you must consider its pros and cons.

Glass is one of the most popular dinnerware materials used at parties. What makes glass so likeable is the variety of colours and patterns you will find in it.

Ceramic materials such as terracotta, stoneware, and bone China are also excellent options with varying thickness, weight, texture, etc. You can either pick one dinner set of similar material or mix and match it to create a funky, modern collection.

4.    Rim or no rim?

Not a very difficult question to ask, but one you must decide upon. The crockery that comes with the rim offers a formal and neat look. They are also more suitable for food that has gravy or soup.

The crockery without a rim is better for food that is not liquid in nature.

5.    Pick a theme

If you are fond of animals or nature, you could pick crockery that matches your taste. So, you can also decide upon a theme if something appeases you. Then, look for the crockery that matches your theme with its patterns, designs, and colour.

6.    Accompanying accessories

Always choose the platters, trays and jugs after buying the main dinnerware. That way, you can select the right design, size and colour of the accessories that will match your other items!

Wrapping up

As you whip up Australia’s traditional foods like Chicken Parmigiana or Lamingtons for dinner, make sure that the dinnerware you serve it in is just as excellent.

This experience of buying the right dinnerware can be so fun, too. Just ensure not to get lost in the sea of overwhelming options. Make up your mind – decide on the number, size, colours, patterns, etc.

This will make it simpler for you to narrow down your options and pick the right crockery that will genuinely enhance your dining experience!

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