How to choose the best-raised flower bed?

Maintaining a good garden can be hard work. You may have a green thumb, but you may not have enough space to grow a garden in your backyard. To increase your garden this year most easily and efficiently, go for a raised flower bed. Raised Flower beds are filled with nutrient-rich, lightweight soil and can produce more yield in less space. Since these are contained in spaces raised above the ground level, they are also very easy to maintain. You don’t have to stoop down to pull the weeds. Check out the following tips to find the best-raised flower bed for yourself.

Find a spot

Even though a flower bed can be located anywhere in your yard, you need to follow a few rules. Plants need a lot of flight, so select a spot that gets plenty of sunlight during the daytime. Furthermore, you should choose a region that is sheltered from the winds and heavy rains, located near trees, a tall fence or a building.

Decide the dimensions

The reason people opt for a raised flowerbed is that it increases the height of the soil, where it is easier to tend to the plants. Raised beds are also filled with lightweight soil, which is better than the typical flower bed soil to grow faster.

It is advised that the flower bed should at least be 12 to 20 inches off the ground. If you are a gardener who has mobility issues, you can opt for even higher flowerbeds to make it easier for you to reach the plants. To comfortably tend to all the regions of the garden bed, make sure that your garden bed is not more than 3 feet in width. This will make tending to both sides of the flowerbed easier.

Material matters

The flower bed that you choose should be rot and water-resistant. You can buy raised flower beds Vego garden. They have an amazing collection, so don’t forget to check their products out. Alternatively, you can order your garden bed from the local stores.

Go for the right soil mixture

If the soil found in your area is higher in sand content or clay, it will be a challenge to grow a successful garden. In the case of raised beds, you have the option of getting a superior soil mix. Go for a soil mix that has a combination of two parts topsoil to one part compost. You can have them bulk delivered.

Arrange the plants by height

Keep the plants that will grow to a shorter height in the front and the plants which will grow to a longer size at the back. The shortest plant should be located on the edge of the bed.  You can also go for decorative metal garden edging. This will make your raised flower beds look prettier, more aesthetically pleasing and will match your persona and decor.

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