How To Change UPI PIN In PhonePe Using Simple Steps

how to change upi pin in phonepe

Phonepe has evolved into one of the most convenient methods of payment in India. However, to make a payment with Phonepe, you must first set the UPI PIN. The UPI PIN is required because without it, you would be unable to complete any transaction. It is the UPI Payment system’s ultimate security check. 

UPI is associated with a bank account. When you input your UPI PIN, the funds are sent instantaneously. But how to change UPI PIN in Phonepe? We will brief you down with the steps required to change the UPI PIN in Phonepe. But before that, let us see what is Phonepe and what is UPI!

What Is PhonePe App?

PhonePe is a payment software that allows you to make payments at any retailer, both offline and online, using BHIM UPI, your debit or credit card, or your wallet, including utility bills. When you link your bank account with the app using BHIM UPI and a mobile number or your VPA, you may make quick payments (virtual payment addressing). 

It allows you to make payments instantly without having to memorise bank account numbers, IFSE codes, or other information. You may use PhonePe to not only send and receive money, but also to recharge your phone and DTH, pay credit card bills, buy and sell gold, purchase PhonePe gift cards, invest in tax funds, pay at a local store, book your HP Gas cylinder, recharge your FASTag, and track and manage your returns. 

PhonePe now provides you with the option of purchasing coronavirus insurance at a low cost. Users may also get cashback when they use PhonePe to make payments. Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujrati, Telugu, Malayalam, Assamese, and Odia are among the 11 languages supported.

By authenticating with your UPI Pin, you may send money and make payments directly from your bank account on the PhonePe app. To ensure the confidentiality of your transactions, never disclose your UPI Pin with anybody.

Now let us see what is UPI before moving to the topic of how to change UPI PIN in PhonePe app!

Unified Payment Interface (UPI): Definition

In India, UPI is a relatively new payment method. The UPI has gained a lot of traction as part of the #DigitalIndia initiative and has become a more commonly utilised payment mechanism than other options. 

UPI payments have been popular among Indian youth due to a range of alternatives such as paying using a UPI ID, an account number/IFSC, a cellphone number, or even an Aadhar number. However, the six-digit UPI PIN is required for UPI payments. It would be impossible to transact and utilise any UPI App if you forget your UPI PIN.

How To Change UPI PIN In PhonePe 2021

You need to follow these steps for how to change BHIM UPI PIN in PhonePe:

  • Open the Phonepe App to modify the UPI PIN. You must look at the bottom right side of Phonepe’s first page. There would be a ‘My Money’ tab with the emblem on it. That should be tapped.
  • There are three sections on the next page. Insurance, investment, and payment are the three categories. The first service in the payment area is ‘Bank Accounts.’ You must press the button.
  • All of your connected bank accounts are now shown on this page. At the very least, there would be one bank account. If you have other bank accounts, you may also add them.
  • Select the bank account for which the PIN has to be changed.
  • You wouldn’t be able to view the entire account number. For security reasons, it is concealed. The final digits of your preferred bank account might be used to identify it. So, hit on the bank account number you want to use.
  • The Dedicated page for that bank account is now shown. You may also check the balance of the account on this page.
  • You may also Change and Reset Your UPI PIN at this time. Tap on the ‘change’ button if you know your UPI PIN and wish to alter it for security reasons.
  • Use the Reset link if you forgot your UPI PIN and want to establish a new one. I’ll walk you through the process for both of them. But first, let’s talk about the UPI PIN update.
  • Select the ‘Change’ option. It takes you to a website where you may alter your UPI PIN. The NPCI generates the UPI PIN Change page from the UPI Payment system’s central server. In every other UPI app, this screen is identical. Your PIN is protected since this page is created by the NPCI’s UPI Payment system. Your UPI app, in reality, does not deal with your UPI PIN as a result of the arrangement.
  • As a result, the NPCI is responsible for the security of your UPI PIN. The NPCI is the agency in charge of overseeing the whole UPI system. This agency is supervised by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Now, accurately input your current UPI PIN. Your New UPI PIN must be entered in the text field. In most circumstances, the PIN will be four digits long. SBI and a few other banks, however, demand a 6-digit UPI PIN. Six-digit PINs are believed to be more secure than four-digit PINs.
  • Tap the Right mark after entering the new PIN. It’s located near the end of the numeric pad.
  • Keep in mind that your new UPI PIN will only function with the bank account you choose. You may even alter the UPI PIN of other bank accounts if you want to. You can do so by returning to the bank accounts page. 

Now you know “how to change my UPI PIN in Phonepe”. So let us see a few important things related to this procedure.

Changed Transaction Limit After Resetting The UPI PIN

Your money transfer limit decreases when you update or reset your UPI PIN. You won’t be able to pay more than 5000 in the following 24 hours. Don’t whine; this limit is in place just to protect your funds. If someone attempts to reset your UPI PIN, it reduces the risks of fraud.

The transaction limit was restored to its previous value after 24 hours. The UPI payment mechanism has a daily limit of one lakh rupees. You can’t transact more than ten times in 24 hours. For merchant payments, however, there is no restriction. It can be more than one lakh and repeated as many times as desired.

How To Reset UPI PIN On PhonePe?

We’ve spoken about updating your UPI PIN so far. Now we’ll walk you through the procedures of resetting your UPI PIN. However, you’ll need an ATM or debit card to do this activity. It is not, however, required to maintain a physical card. Just the card’s information would suffice.

So, how do you re-set your UPI PIN? 

  • Go to the Phonepe’s main page and select the My Money option.
  • On the following screen, click the link for bank accounts. Select the desired bank account now.
  • You must click the Reset option on the My Account page.
  • A pop-up window will display when you press on the reset link.
  • In this box, type the last six numbers of your ATM card.
  • Next, you must input the card’s expiration date. The expiration date on some SBI Maestro cards is missing. If this is the case, set the expiration date to 01/49. It would be feasible.
  • It’s worth noting that the PIN Reset process is comparable to setting a new UPI PIN. In truth, when you reset your UPI PIN, you’re creating a new one. The same may be said about the UPI payment system.
  • After you’ve entered your debit or ATM card information, click Continue.
  • You’ve arrived at the UPI PIN reset page. You must first input the OTP on this page. An OTP is sent to your registered mobile phone via the UPI payment mechanism. It’s most likely the same phone you’re holding.
  • The OTP supplied to your phone number is detected by your phonepe app. As a result, it is auto-filled in the specified field. However, if it is not completed for whatever reason, you can fill it in yourself.
  • Now you must input the new UPI PIN, which is 4 or 6 digits long. For confirmation, you must enter the same PIN twice. Note that you must remember this PIN; otherwise, the UPI pin will have to be reset again.
  • To finish the PIN Reset process, touch on the right mark. The procedure is completed when you tap the Right mark.

Learn How To Change UPI PIN In PhonePe For Security Concerns

Nobody wants to change the UPI PIN after getting used to an already existing UPI PIN. But there are several reasons to change UPI PIN. One major reason is your security concern. We hope this article on how to change UPI PIN helped you in knowing the major details about your UPI security.

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