How Do I Transfer My Instagram Account to a New Phone?

Instagram Account

Instagram is the sweetheart of social media users. Each social networking site offers a different platform and persona to the users. Instagram has been winning hearts over the years with its innovative features and constant upgrades.

The world has changed a lot in the past decade. People have become more reliant on their devices. The first shift happened from the real world to the digital one. Now, the wheel is still turning, and we are heading into the virtual era. The social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc., are a great part of the shift.

They bring a user-friendly experience to the users. Once you log in to your account, you have access to a whole new world. Even the things which you cannot imagine experiencing in the real world. The line between our surrounding world and the online one is getting thin every passing day.

We all love our Instagram accounts.

Smartphones are a norm these days. Anyone with a smartphone can and does use Instagram for leisure and also business. It is like a second life. Our Instagram pages connect us to a world of opportunities and entertainment. It offers a great marketplace for our retail needs.

We get to know about international and also the local businesses.

It is interesting how many niches people offer us on our feed. Our element of interest is just a click away. Smartphones and social networking sites are a love story that we all live on every day.

Are you upgrading your smartphone? No problem. Instagram will follow.

Every day, new advancements in technologies hit the door. With each passing day, our devices are becoming smarter. There has been a tremendous increase in user dependency on their digital gadgets. People love showing off their devices to their peers. Some people love the idea of what the new phone will offer. In contrast, others need to upgrade their smartphones for work-related issues.

A change is always good. But what is most interesting is that you can take all your online life, pack it in a suitcase and then unpack the new phone. In simple words, you can shift all your online data to your new phone and clear out your previous phone for privacy.

If you are struggling with the shifting process, we can help you transfer your Instagram account to the new phone. Follow our guide liens and enjoy your Instagram feed on the new screen.

Instagram has a strict privacy policy.

It is a swift process. Simple yet complicated if you are not tech-savvy. We will guide you through ways that will help you set up your insta on the new phone.

When you first make an account, Instagram asks for a series of personal information like your email, phone number, password etc. This information comes in handy when you switch phones. It is important information, and if you enter the wrong password, your account might get locked.

So know your password well, word by word and character by character. Instagram has a strict privacy policy. It makes sure that it is the real owner of the account before giving access to new logins. It does so for your safety.

How to Transfer Instagram account from Old to New phone?

You can transfer your account in various ways.

  • Use your email id.

When you first made an Instagram account, you added an email address to it. Instagram then sends an email for verification purposes. Use that same email account to log in to your Instagram app on the new phone.

It is most convenient to use your email address to log in to your Instagram account. But it is also vital that you use the same email address you used to create the account.

·         Use your Phone Number.

The easiest way to get into your Instagram on the new phone is to enter your phone number. When you enter your phone number, the Instagram app unlocks, and you are good to go. It is as simple as that.

·         Use your Username.

All Instagram users have usernames. If you remember your username exactly as it is, then use it to enter your account. The app will ask for a password associated with the username. You must remember both the password and the username letter by letter.

You can use all the methods mentioned earlier to log into your phones, laptops, tabs, etc.

You Can Do It.

If worse comes to worst, you can always make a new Instagram account. But shifting to your new phone with the existing accounts is not a big deal. It is a simple and easy process. Instagram uses its verification methods to make sure that you are trying to log in to your account.

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