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GrandPad tablets


It’s never been more critical for seniors to have access to telehealth. The GrandPad tablet allows seniors over 75 to communicate with family, friends, and carers in a fast, secure, and dependable manner. On Grandpad, cellular allows you to make family Zoom calls, complete medical video check-ins, or simply share images.


“I’m sure there’s a better way.” When GrandPad, a family-owned business, began seven years ago, this was the primary motivation. GrandPad’s founders realised there were better technology solutions available after their own desire to communicate and keep connected with family members hundreds of miles apart.

GrandPad is more than a tablet; it’s a full-service solution that helps older folks avoid the negative effects of social isolation on their health and well-being, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic’s social restrictions. GrandPad’s adaptable platform enables healthcare organizations to keep patients and families involved while also improving clinical workflows and outcomes.


With limited connectivity, seniors are frequently technologically handicapped. GrandPad originally planned to introduce a regular easy to read tablet with WiFi, but rapidly learned that over 60% of this age group does not have access to the internet. Even among the 40% who claimed to have WiFi in their home or senior care facility, they struggled with passwords, didn’t know how to log on, or complained that the WiFi was exceedingly slow.

The goal was to make the technology as simple as possible and the connection as quick as possible. Seniors would be able to do everything on GrandPad, including streaming music, making multiway Zoom video chats, attending virtual events, and sharing images with family.


Grandpa made the wise option to opt for 4G LTE instead of Wifi to avoid these issues. Users benefit from cellular connectivity that is fast, dependable, and cost-effective because 4G LTE is ubiquitous and outperforms WiFi. The functionality of the GrandPad is enabled by a built-in LTE service that allows users to connect from anywhere, at any time. GrandPads are pre-configured and immediately connect to the cloud when elders get them.

GrandPad has just collaborated with Orange Belgium across Europe, starting with Ireland and the United Kingdom, to bring GrandPad users with broad network coverage and fast, secure, and reliable 4G LTE. For GrandPad users, Orange Belgium provides cellular IoT connectivity management services as well as SIM cards. Ericsson IoT Accelerator, an industry-leading IoT platform that enables cost-effective, dependable, and secure IoT global connectivity management and operations for any organization of any scale, anywhere in the globe, makes connectivity management possible.


Grandpad is being utilized by one million people in 110 countries.

Cellular provides GrandPad users and their trusted circle of contacts with quick, dependable, and cost-effective data connectivity. Because many seniors live in dense populations in cities within cities, apartment buildings, nursing facilities, or rural places, GrandPad requires wide cellular service. When caregivers have a video check-in, cellular technology also provides the advantage of quick, secure, and dependable communication, making it more reliable. By using a video conference, large health-care organizations can save a significant amount of time and miles. The burgeoning telehealth industry is also having an impact on the COVID-19 virus’s transmission.

Managing tablets, provisioning devices, and unleashing data intelligence have all been made easier using GrandPad’s administrative connectivity features. They can track and manage GrandPad fleets, as well as aggregate, organize, and manage massive volumes of data on usage and performance to help them provide better customer service. The administrative tools have also provided the option to review billing.

For GrandPad, 5G is a path to the future. The next generation of tablets will support 5G and take advantage of all of its possibilities, such as high-speed, high-quality imagery. GrandPad will be researching these technologies to help transform the connection between caregivers and patients, thanks to its significant participation in the telehealth market.

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