FTX: One of The Biggest Crypto Exchange for Margin Trading


With the increasing trend of crypto trading, more investors are looking for biggest crypto exchanges with high reward activity and deep liquidity. FTX is one of the largest crypto exchanges that allows traders tap into the derivatives market. It is a new and inventive trading platform that has unique and advanced trading options that take crypto trading to some other level.

Here is an in-depth review of FTX will walk you through the platform’s trading options, functionalities, and the market places it supports.

Tradable Products on Biggest Crypto Exchange

Here is a complete breakdown of some of the most advanced and unique tradeable products on FTX exchange.


It is a kind of contract to buy or sell any supported crypto asset for a predetermined price. The exchange offer support to more than 20 crypto assets for perpetual contracts including BNB, BTC, LINK, etc. Another unique aspect of FTX is known as Index Futures that enables investors to trade multiple market segments with more ease. These market segments include mid-cap, large-cap, and small-cap digital coins. Moreover, users can easily trade privacy tokens, exchange tokens, and the regional baskets.

Leveraged Tokens

With these assets you can get leveraged exposure to crypto environment without even opening a leveraged position. Being one of the biggest crypto exchanges FTX, offers support to 45 various leverage tokens. Additionally, users on this platform can avail more than 101X leverage. However, for safety the exchange sets 10x leverage as default. The leveraged tokens are divided into three different categories:

  • Hedge: tokens with 1X leverage are known as Putting it simply, if the market value of ETH increases to x%, then the ETHHEDGE decrease with the same percentage.
  • BULL or BEAR: 3x tokens are known as full or bear.
  • HALF:5x tokens are known as half.

Note: The BEAR and BULL tokens spontaneously rebalance themselves prevent liquidation and to maintain the set leverage.

MOVE Contracts FTX

Move Contracts on FTX exchange are one of the most unique trading features that allow users to trade their assets according to price movements. This means that users can earn rewards by risking only a small amount of specific crypto asset. You can earn passive income despite the direction of price movement. This feature compels a huge number of users to FTX, one of the largest crypto exchange.


The exchange provides an European-style agreement knowns as “option contract”. These contracts give users the option to sell a digital asset at a predefined date and cost, however it isn’t compulsory. At the point when you open a option contract, you can pick it as either ‘right to buy’ or ‘right to sell.’

You can trade assets both long or short with leverage. Additionally, you can set your strike cost and termination time. When you are done providing required data for setting up an option contract, you get a statement from FTX to create a bid or proposition the arrangement within 10 seconds. These contracts are completely customizable.

Supported Crypto Assets

FTX provides support to trading, deposits, and withdrawal for a wide collection of fiat and digital assets. Some of the supported assets are enlisted below:

  • CAD
  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • AUD
  • CHF
  • HKD
  • SGD
  • ZAR

FTX additionally permits its clients to exchange numerous digital forms of currencies, with perpetual swaps accessible for 15 assets. Moreover, users can exchange more than 45 tokens with leverage. FTX also provides one of a kind altcoin indices, spot trading, Bitcoin options, and MOVE agreements.

FTX Account KYC

The platform follows a tier-based framework for KYC. For level 1 individual accounts, the ID verification form requires username, country of residence, state, province, and region. At level 1 user gets $2k daily withdrawal limits.

For tier 2 KYC authentication, users need to complete the form and upload proof for their ID and address.

In tier 3 KYC authentication requires user is required to upload a recent bank statement.


Without a doubt, FTX is one of the biggest crypto exchanges of all time. It has made its mark by providing users multiple options when it comes to derivative and leveraged trades. Moreover, the platform features intuitive tradeable products such as Futures, leveraged tokens, MOVE contracts, and option contracts. Users can avail up to 101X leverage alongside crypto indices, and other prediction market tokens.

Additionally, other compelling features of this exchange include deep liquidity, unlimited withdrawals, fiat transfers, and an interactive OTC desk suit suitable for both institutional and high frequency retail traders. Other impressive features such as stable coin settlements, liquidation fund, mobile app, and the margin wallet conversions will surely suit everyday traders.

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