Easy Guide to Living in a Rented Accommodation in Chennai

Easy Guide to Living in a Rented Accommodation in Chennai

If you’ve never lived in a rented space before, accommodation in Chennai will open the doors to a whole new world for you. Because this city sees hundreds of young migrants coming in every year, it’s got a huge crop of flats, PGs and boys hostels ready and waiting. And the dearth of good space in one’s budget can often be the most common thing here. But having a smaller space to yourself isn’t the challenge that most people seem to think it will be. In fact, it can have some really surprising benefits too. So, if this is your first time living in a 1BHK, studio flat or hostel, we’ve got some great tips to help you get comfortable and make the most of your space.

Divide up your space

Living in a small space is all about exercising your creativity. Even if you’ve got one room to yourself in a hostel, you can make it look and feel bigger by separating your space. Try to divide your sleeping area from the rest of your room in order to create the illusion of having a separate bedroom. The easiest way to do this is with a curtain or bedroom divider, but you could even get creative with some of the existing furniture in your home. This will give you more privacy and help you have a more peaceful sleeping area too. And if you think your room is too small to add in extra elements, consider using the vertical space to your advantage. Lofting your bed or investing in a daybed can be some great ways to make your space do a lot more.

Think about the necessities

In a sprawling mansion, you don’t really need to think about the kind of stuff that you accumulate while living there. But in a small rented accommodation, you need to be mindful about your belongings. Ask yourself about what exactly are the necessities you need to survive in your new home beyond furniture. If you’re a fitness junkie and have a lot of bulky exercise equipment, it might not make sense to take it with you to your new apartment.  Instead, you could save on the space and invest in a gym membership. The same rules apply to your bathroom and kitchen supplies. Try to limit yourself to the necessities and don’t pack in extras that you won’t end up using. If you are sharing space, it is even more important to check in with your roommate and divide common usage things so you don’t end up having duplicate stuff in your limited space. 

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Choose a smart layout

Sure, you may have opted for one of the furnished houses for rent in Chennai, but that doesn’t mean that the furniture is glued to the floor. Your landlord won’t mind if you move things around in your apartment as long as you’re not causing any damage. So, go ahead and pick a furniture layout that works best for you. An open floor plan is often the best bet in terms of creating an illusion of more space, but you need to think about your lifestyle as well. If you share your flat with roommates or plan to have friends over a lot, you need to have additional seating arrangements for everyone to be comfortable. If you work from home a lot, you need a functional desk and work-top with plenty of natural light to be able to work well. So, make sure that you keep these in mind when you’re choosing your layout. 

These top tips will help you navigate life in a rented accommodation in Chennai, no matter the size. So, keep them in mind and good luck for your time in this new city!

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