Common Mistakes You Must Avoid For Link Building

Link Building

Link building is one of the practices of getting your link published on other relevant websites. It is also defined as one of the processes of promoting your websites on other websites so that you can generate links. If you want to drive traffic using search engines, you need to build quality backlinks from different relevant websites. This can also help you to drive referral traffic, improve the brand’s visibility, the domain authority, page authority, and build brand equity. 

It is one of the major skills that an SEO expert should have and you can learn Link Building techniques very easily using online courses by Google, Udemy, Coursera and many other online platforms. 

You can think about using Xfinity’s high-speed and reliable internet services to get your tutorials on link building and other aspects of SEO without any interruptions and even learn while you are traveling. Apart from the speed and reliability provided by Xfinity, Xfinity’s internet services are very affordable as well. You can select from a range of Xfinity internet plans offered for users throughout America. To learn Link building you can start off by learning a thing or two about SEO. 

Let’s get to know different things that you must always avoid if you are Link Building for a brand: 

Don’t Publish Thin Content

Many experts publish link-worthy content but it is always recommended that one should always publish high-quality content and get it optimized for search engines. You should always consider users when creating your content. Google is aware of the content that people like to read and will keep a check of how well different users interact and engage with your content, the number of shares, comments and the number of likes users give to your account and the time users spend on your site. All of these and many other aspects are involved when your site gets ranked. 

Don’t Buy Links

Google always discourages brands from buying links and uses smart bots or crawlers that are capable enough to detect likes that you have bought from different sources. Apart from that, Google also allows people to report Private Blog Networks (PBN) or bought links. If you are still thinking about buying links then keep in mind that bought links will not drive high-quality traffic. Also, Google will penalize you if it detects paid links on your website and you might have to spend more money to find a solution for that. 

Avoid Focusing To Outrank Competitors

Although it is a good idea to keep a check on the link profile of your competitors as this is one of the ways to outsmart their techniques. But keeping a stern focus and chasing link profiles might not be very helpful for you. If you are keeping an eye out to get better resources and develop a better content strategy than your competitors, it will help you create a better link profile. 

Avoid Building Irrelevant Links

Many content marketers and bloggers ignore the relevancy of their niche and look for building links from authority websites. If you are a marketing blog then getting a backlink from a lifestyle or entertainment blog is bad for SEO. You should always build links from your relevant niche as it is always good for your SEO. 

Avoiding Relying On A Single Backlink

No matter how healthy your link profile is, many people consider going for only one type of backlink. To build a healthy backlink profile, you should think about investing in different backlinks that can help you and drive more traffic and increase your revenue. 

Many experienced SEO experts and bloggers follow both Dofollow and Nofollow links as both of them are beneficial for your website. You can build Dofollow backlinks using guest posts and build Nofollow links by commenting on different relevant blogs.

Don’t Focus on Quantity Of Your Links 

There is no restriction or a secret sauce to create a successful brand and nobody wants you to publish 2 blog posts in a week. Try not to sacrifice the quality of your posts and focus on the quantity. Create more shareable content that can get you more shares and backlinks. This is only possible if you will create quality content so that people link to your blog posts. Publish high-quality content that will help others link to your content.

Key Takeaways

We can conclude here by saying that SEO might require you to take care of a few things that are very critical for your website and brand image, but if you get things right, SEO can be something very useful for you. Also, it can add more to your business’s marketing and other aspects of Search Engine marketing. 

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