Cocaine Withdrawal Rehab Center – The Best Choice for You or a Loved One

Rehab Center

If you have been looking for a rehab center for yourself, you must have come across some top-notch names in this field, such as Daylight Detox. Most such rehab centers offer medically supervised detoxification followed by recuperation and recovery both in inpatient and outpatient settings. This allows for a convenient, comfortable, and manageable choice for you.


Withdrawal from cocaine


Some substances like benzos or alcohol have acute withdrawal symptoms. This is not the case with cocaine. While cocaine withdrawal symptoms on their own are not life-threatening, if a user has been mixing it with another substance, such as alcohol, they may face serious health complications, such as cardiac issues in the form of arrhythmia or heart attack. 


When a user abuses only cocaine, they risk facing seizures in the cocaine withdrawal period. They may also complain of depression and lethargy and harbor suicidal thoughts. At the very beginning of this process, some users become aggressive and paranoid and even show aggression.


The Detox Process


Most of us are familiar with the terms ‘binge’ and ‘crash’ – these are most commonly used in relation to substance abuse of any kind. Bingeing is also used when a person eats excessively, usually after a period of fasting or dieting.


In cocaine detox, the withdrawal process has three stages.


  1. The first one is known as ‘Crash’. This usually happens within a day post a bingeing session. The user experiences both physical and mental symptoms, such as:


  • Feeling hungry
  • Listlessness and fatigue
  • Irritability and anxiety
  • Depression


  1. The second stage is ‘Withdrawal’. The user goes through this post a few days after they last took cocaine. This period lasts around 9-10 days. In this stage, the user experiences the following symptoms:


  • Concentration lapses
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of energy
  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Cravings


  1. The third and last stage is ‘Extinction’. This stage has a lifespan of around six months. Most initial symptoms will disappear, and only mood swings and cravings will remain, which will disappear later.


As you can see, some of these symptoms can prove to be potentially unsafe for both the user and their near ones. This is why it is recommended that they detox at a treatment center where they will be in a controlled, supportive environment and be monitored round the clock by health professionals.


Medicinal Help


In case you are wondering if doctors prescribe medicines to counter the effects of cocaine, they don’t usually do so. While some medicines have shown promising results in diluting the side effects of withdrawal from cocaine, they have yet received approval from regulatory authorities for market use.


Some doctors prescribe certain medicines that help in dealing with minor side effects of withdrawal, such as insomnia. These medicines are not habit-forming, and they help deal effectively with withdrawal reactions.


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