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Located at the edge of the UAE, in the UAE town of Al Wasl, Canal Front Residences Dubai lifestyle is a very special luxury condominiums living experience. Developed by prominent real estate developers, this community offers residents a very convenient location. Not only does it offer a scenic location, but also a relaxed and laid back lifestyle. It is perfect for those looking to relocate to a new city or for those who are constantly on the move.

Located in the UAE capital of Dubai, this is a high rise residential real estate development that offers residents luxurious suites. This is a private residence right on the water front. Each of the units are equipped with their own private parking areas as well as swimming pools. The facilities offered here are excellent making this an ideal place for families to come and live.

Located directly next to Dubai Creek, the development boasts one of the largest master planned communities in the region. Each unit features a fully-equipped fitness centre, sun deck, garden and luxurious terraces. The residents can choose from three different floor plans to suit their needs. Three restaurants, a business center, health and beauty centre, multiple swimming pools, and great public transportation are all available to residents.

There is also a choice of two-storey unit built from state of the art materials with the only out of state homes being two-storey units. All units are fully furnished, equipped with dishwasher/washer combo, air conditioner, BBQ, fridge freezer, microwave oven, washing machine, sewerage and garbage disposal systems, security lights, safety gates and balconies. Each resident is provided with two cars, a chauffeur driven car and a car pool that comes with water sports equipment. Residents are also allowed to bring their pets along on weekends.

Those who love the hustle and bustle of the city life can relax and enjoy the activities and entertainment that this place has to offer. Canal Front Residences are situated on the main canal located in the heart of the downtown. There are ample opportunities for shopping, dining and entertainment at these locations. Some of the dining establishments include restaurants, bars, pubs, lounges, and cafes. Live entertainment can be witnessed on weekdays during the Saturday night club hours.

For residents who love nature, there are spacious backyards, gated entry gates, tennis courts, equestrian facilities, boat docks, horse-drawn carriage rides, walking trails and dog parks to explore. For residents who like to froliate around the pool, the City View Acreage is the best place to stay as it offers fantastic views of the city. There are also heated swimming pools and spas where residents can enjoy a relaxing massage. Other services provided by City View are gardeners’ help, bike rentals, boat slips, bird watching, tennis court access and youth programs.

The other option of living in Canal Front Residences In Dubai lifestyle is a loft apartment. These units feature full kitchens, two-car garages, air conditioning, cable TV, coffee makers, washer/dryers, fireplaces, and security monitoring. There is a laundry and dryer attached to the unit as well. Residents have the option of leasing a kitchen in their apartment as well. These units are fully furnished with the latest appliances and fixtures.

Each unit has been designed to incorporate environmentally friendly products and techniques. Each unit is carpeted with environmentally friendly, stain resistant, and low emitting fibers. Most of the appliances and furniture were designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. All fittings and window hardware are UV stabilized. City View has made their eco friendly green building practices an integral part of all their building designs.

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