Best Online Stock Trading App for 2022 to Trade in India

Initially, Trading would happen physically outside of stock exchanges. One would need the help of a stockbroker as doing this process on your own was pretty tedious. Irrespective of if you had a stockbroker or not, you are your representative would have to call out any shares you wanted to buy or sell on the Stock Market. The major drawback was that information was delayed as live trading wasn’t possible.

With the help of the internet, Trading became quite convenient. 

All you needed was a terminal, and you could carry out Trading. It, too, would generally require an experienced person like a stockbroker to ensure you don’t miss out on trades. As time went on, the trading experience in India improved. Regulators like the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) brought about many changes on how trading would work.

They made it compulsory for trading to own a Demat account. Now trading has become all the more convenient with Online Stock Trading App. Every leading stockbroker provides an online stock trading app that you can use at the tip of your fingers. The major issue arises when choosing which online stock trading app is better. There are various basic features an app must possess.

A good online stock trading app must provide the following features in 2022

Portfolio Management

Your portfolio is a collection of all the financial assets you own. A good online investment app must provide complete information regarding your investment portfolio. 

It gives you an insight into how your investments can be grown. 

Smooth User Interface

The user interface of the online stock trading app should be easy to use. Making the trading experience comfortable for its use must be a priority. It should provide a fluid experience and must be easy to understand and use all the features available in the app effortlessly. 

Easy and fast Trading

It must help you carry out quick trades with ease. It ensures that you don’t lose out on any trades due to delays. 

A delay could lead to you missing out on huge profits. A good online stock trading app should make trading simple and easy.

Personalized Services

Most stockbrokers provide personalized advisory services which can help you make good trades. A good trading application provides a lot of information regarding companies in your portfolio and the Stock Market. It also helps traders to buy and sell shares, improving your portfolio. 

Technical Support

The app must have a proficient technical support team for any issues while trading. A good online stock trading app has a good support team that is always ready to cater to customers’ needs.

Latest Information

The application must provide live information about the Stock Market, along with the latest news. Apart from living information and news, it must provide a complete financial report of various stocks and companies. A detailed report helps investors learn many things we need to know about the companies helping us decide if we want to invest in a company.


The online stock trading app must have a pop-up notification feature, especially if you plan to enter or exit trades at a specified price point. This feature can assist in trading by letting you enter certain saved price points via a notification or pop-up. 


You should save stocks that you would like to analyze or follow regularly. It lets you know the performance of all the stocks you have invested in or are interested in. 

Analysis Tools

A good online stock trading app should have various tools and parameters that you’d need to make better trading decisions. They can have tools ranging from drawing and plotting the shares on graphs to indicators visible on the same graphs.

In India, it could get confusing to choose between the array of apps in 2022. An online stock trading app that stands out among the rest is the one provided by India Infoline. It is called the IIFL market and possesses all the features mentioned above. It is the best online stock trading app voted by Zee Business Awards and the best review among its competitors.

IIFL has been a brokerage firm for more than 20 years, apart from these reasons. This experience has made them one of the leading brokerages in India, ensuring they know what their customers want in 2022. They strive to provide the best they can, and IIFL Market’s online stock trading app is a prime example of it. You should surely give it a try by downloading it through the app store and opening a Demat account with IIFL.

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