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As you consider outdoor barbecue the warm summer days, and serious pitmasters may appear, but grilling is a great option for all ages and seasons.

No matter if you’re a novice trying to improve your skills or a professional lusting after the next big thing upgrading your backyard model will open up a variety of possibilities beyond the soft in-betweens of poppy seed buns. From succulent, fall-off-the-bone ribs that rival the best BBQ joints to delicious tender vegetables that even kids can eat make it possible to take your cooking expertise outdoors with one of the most effective grills available for outdoor cooking:

Best Overall: Big Green Egg Kamado Grill

This charcoal-loving choice has gained a cult popularity within the culinary world that grilling people who have it refer to themselves as “eggheads.” It’s a favorite among the cooks, and is well-known for much more than its easily identified forest green exterior with its oval shape with its dimpled surface. The majority of users love this particular model for its rapid heating functionality and multi-functional capabilities, with the ability to grill pizzas, bake, burgers roast a turkey, or barbecue ribs on the slow, low temperature.

Big Green Egg Big Green Egg comes in various sizes and can be supported by an separately purchased holders or an integrated unit.

Best Gas Grill: Weber Genesis II E-315 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

An excellent choice for barbecues on the weekends and for occasional outdoor gatherings, this stylish gas grill is less than $1000 and everything you require to grill your barbecued meats and sides. 3 stainless-steel burners immediately start to burn, while cast iron cooking grates and porcelain-enameled lid aid in evenly dispersing heat and ensure it stays in the internal heat.

A warming rack will keep food warm until the time you’re ready for eating and can be stored away when not being used. Flavorizer bars help to vaporize a small portion of the drippings which collect during cooking. The rest are disposed of in a catch pan that is removable away from the stove to avoid dangerous flare-ups.

Its design is ideal for organization. two side tables made of stainless steel are ideal to prepare and put together meals. The hooks for tools allow cooking utensils to be in reach. Under the hood, ample storage will ensure that everything you need to grill stays in one place.

Best Charcoal Grill: Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

An upgraded version of Weber’s legendary Original Kettle Charcoal Grill, this upgraded version comes with the same benefits like its predecessor, such as high heating retention as well as precise temperature control, but with the addition of an easily refillable ash catcher underneath and an easy hinged grate that can increase the amount of charcoal you can grill.

The lid is removable and porcelain-enameled. It has an integrated thermometer that clearly shows the cooking temperature inside the grill as well as, when you’re ready to take a look how your food An angled hook secures and safely secures the lid in place on the sides of the grill, keeping it off the floor.

It’s priced at a reasonable price, under $200. its 22-inch circular size is big enough to hold up to 13 burgers which means you can serve a large crowd, or only a few hungry teenagers.

Best Gas and Charcoal Grill: Char-Griller Double Play Gas and Charcoal Grill

If you’re looking to mix the convenience of gas and the familiar smokey flavor of charcoal, this dual-purpose outdoor grill is able to do both. On one hand, a gas grill has three main burners, each with heat tents as well as a side burner to cook on cooking on the stove, and an electronic ignition. On the other side, charcoal grills come with an easy-to-dump ash pan, as well as an adjustable height grate to allow for custom temperature control. It is possible to use both sides at once to create a staggering 1260 sq inches of cooking space . You can also add an additional firebox to slow-smoked BBQ-style meats.

Best Outdoor Electric Grill: Spark One Electric Grill

The latest charcoal and electric combination is a contender in the outdoor grilling market because of its simple appearance. One of the most distinctive characteristic is its own charcoal Briq that is quick to light up to infuse every hamburger or hot dog in the world with that distinctive smokey flavor that you can’t get from propane.

Connect into the Spark One into an outlet with a standard three-prong plug and put the Briq inside an open cast iron drawer and it’ll heat up in only a few minutes, making it convenience and speedy use on a weeknight. It provides exact temperature control of up to 990 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact it’s the only charcoal grill that has this capability, so it’s a great way to be imaginative when it comes to what and how you cook. If you’re ready to turn it off, the grill’s non-messash disposal will take charge of cleanup.

Best Pellet Grill: Traeger Pro Series 780 Grill

Ideal for fish and other delicate pieces of beef, this wood pellet-powered solution offers six options for smoking, grilling baking, baking braising, barbecuing, and roasting all within one. Inflamming the pellets produces an intense heat field and smoke within the Traeger Pro’s convection-based grilling chamber that is rectangular that infuses your food with a rich wood-fired taste.

The intelligent digital controller cuts down the process of monitoring by allowing you to alter and set temperature settings directly from your phone. Instead of checking constantly on the status of your slow-smoked items it is possible to relax by sipping a beverage or keeping the guests at your table entertained.

Best Griddle: Cuisinart 360 Degree Griddle Cooking Center

With an vented stainless steel lid, which gives you the flexibility to sear roast sautee, steam smoke, bake and bake the fully-service Cuisinart cooking center is a superior alternative to Blackstone’s legendary grills for outdoor use. From the traditional barbecue dishes to bacon and eggs for breakfast, you’ll see that this grill is multi-faceted and has many food options.

Its 22-inch circular flat top provides 360-degree cooking area and two distinct heat zones offer an even, consistent distribution for the highest effectiveness. The griddle is surrounded by the large grease pan is able to hold falling food particles and drippings in a funnel that funnels them to the rear of the cup to allow to make cleanup easy.

It is also convenient to fold a prep table is ideal to prepare food for seasoning before it is cooked or for resting it prior to serving. A built-in paper towel holder is always ready for any inevitable mess.

Best Grill and Smoker: PK Grills Original Grill & Smoker

This charcoal-powered smoker and grill is an eye-catching choice for the pitmaster who is experimenting. It offers 30 square feet of cook area and the shape of a rectangular capsule that can allow everything from tender racks of ribs to the classic Thanksgiving turkey.

The cast aluminum construction carries heat more effectively than steel, resulting in the effect of convection cooking food at all angles. Four vents on sides and the top of the grill provide the flexibility to grill food quickly and hot or keep the temperature at a low, slow pace and cooking zones that are two-zones provide direct heat for grilling and indirect heating to smoke.

It is ideal for mobility, as the grill can be easily removed from its cart, and that’s not just making it an excellent choice for grilling exquisitely prepared meals and also to take along with you on camping tailgates and camping excursions.

Best BBQ Pit Grill: Kudu Portable Grill

This dual-purpose grill portable allows open-flame cooking in the campfire style in your backyard with ease. Two cooking surfaces that can be adjusted can be used in tandem to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously. They can be adjusted according to the need to regulate the level of heat and intensity.

The elevated grate can grill saute, sear boil, fry, and steam your favorite dishes, but separate accessories like the lid for a smoker and fire ring will help you get the most value from your purchase by transforming it into a fire pit to add flavour and enjoyment.

Best Gaucho Grill: Nuke Delta Argentinian-Style Gaucho Grill

Restaurants and home cooks alike adore this gaucho-style Argentinian grill, not just for the large five47 square feet of cook space that could accommodate a large number of people, but also due to its unique design which allows easy access to the firebox and the coals for complete temperature control. The main cooking area includes refractory bricks that ensure even distribution of heat as well as an adjustable-height cooking grid can be adjusted to lower or raise it to ensure food stays near to the fire. The lid can be closed to make the appearance of an oven or a smoker The grill pan is ideal to sauté vegetables or other delicate side dishes.

Nuke Delta Nuke Delta is inspired by the long-standing tradition of Gauchos barbecuing in the South American prairies, and is made by skilled local artisans to provide the most authentic and distinctive experience.

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