Benefit’s of Shopping Cart Integration With WordPress

The importance of Shopping Cart Integration cannot be underestimated. Most of the e-commerce businesses reach a certain saturation point. They either start incorporating with various B2B service providers to simplify the procedure or outsource it completely to a private supplier. As far as the latter is concerned, the right software can help you gain a competitive edge over your rivals. The right integration technique can be the one that makes your website stand apart.

When an e-commerce business reaches a certain level, most of them begin using different B2B service providers to simplify the procedure. They get support from order, stock and warehouse management systems, shipping, e-mail marketing and various other systems. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for your website to have shopping cart integration so that you can offer multiple payment gateways. Most popular shopping cart software vendors like ClickBank, PayPal, WordPress and Joomla offer hosted shopping cart integration with their respective platforms. This enables you to integrate your website’s checkout page seamlessly into a single interface.

Apart from offering a streamlined online shopping experience, shopping cart integration services also boost your online sales by reducing operational costs and improving customer satisfaction. There are different ways in which these programs can work for you. For example, some of these applications use a cookie to track visitor behavior, while others keep a record of each of your customers’ orders in real time. Others prompt you with messages when your current orders hit the allotted limits. There are real-time reports as well, which show you how well you have adapted to changes, whether by moving to new directions or improving on your current offerings.

When you are considering shopping cart integration options, it’s important to know what your alternatives are, and how they might work for you. The first thing to consider is whether or not you already using an ecommerce software solution or a web-based interface, such as Magento for example. If you already have an ecommerce solution, then choosing a hosted shopping cart integration is a good idea because you don’t have to learn any new codes or install any additional plug-ins. However, if you are still using a web based interface, then you’ll need to research shopping cart integration options on the open source side, since many of these solutions are available for free.

One of the most popular shopping cart integration options available today is Joomla. Joomla offers several different plug-ins, which allow you to add a plethora of functionality to your website. For example, one of Joomla’s most popular shopping cart solutions, My SQL Injection, allows the addition of third-party data stores and modules into the existing framework of Joomla. Another popular shopping platform integration option is Jigoshop, which offers plug-in customization and extension support.

Another popular shopping cart integration option is the Easy Digital Download system of Agora. This system enables online stores to process credit card transactions via a shopping portal. Easy Digital Downloads works with many of the most popular online stores, including PayPal, Shopify, Amazon, and Nike. While this is a highly customizable solution, it can be integrated with many other online stores, such as E-junkies and Discountcodes.

One final shopping cart integration option that is growing in popularity is WordPress. WordPress, like Joomla, offers a wide range of plugins and plug-ins, which allow you to customize your website with various different shopping platforms. WordPress also supports third party plug-ins for inventory tracking, product catalogs, and analytics. Some of the more popular plug-ins that are available for WordPress include: wp plugin – which integrates with Google Maps to show a user the location of their purchased items, wp-shop – a shopping cart plugin that creates shopping carts for eBay and other ecommerce stores, wp-meta – used to control meta information of purchased items, we-search – a WordPress plugin that searches an eBay listing to show users available products, and up-sort – sorting items in an ascending or descending order. 

Considering how important a role website plays today, especially if it is a WooCommerce site, providing a website with a security plugin like WP Reset or WP Force SSL is a must.

WordPress has grown in popularity among webmasters who want to create highly functional and creative blogs for small businesses. While it does have some limitations, such as being dependent on the users’ web browser for displaying the latest listings, there are hundreds of thousands of plug-ins available for WordPress users that can greatly enhance their website. The WordPress shopping cart plugin is growing in popularity among small businesses because it is extremely user-friendly. With so many open source plug-ins available, it is easy to build a store that is both fully-functional and visually appealing, while at the same time offering a strong, secure and highly flexible shopping cart system that is compatible with all leading ecommerce stores.

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