Are adhesives used in the electronics industry?

Adhesive is  any substance that is used to bind two objects together. Adhesives can be present in a plethora of forms. Naturally, adhesives occur in the sap of trees and many other places too. Adhesives are not merely glue and tape anymore; they are used for a variety of purposes. For example, Sound damping adhesive is used to dampen sound waves to make rooms, houses, and microphones soundproof.

The usage of adhesive is more efficient than many other forms of bonding like sewing or welding. The reasons are simple; glue is more efficiently distributed in the place, has greater flexibility, and is pretty cheap. However, there is a bit of downside, too, like low heat resistance in some forms. 

Uses in the electronics industry

Adhesives like BLU adhesive and many others have a plethora of applications in different sectors. For example, in the electronic industry, they have the following uses.

Backlight units

One of the primary uses of adhesive in the electronics department is in the form of tapes. These tapes assemble BLU or backlight units in smartphones, tablets, and many other devices. Backlight units need to be made and packed so as not to let any light escape or leak from the edges. The light-blocking adhesive tape does its job here pretty well.

Chemical-Mechanical Planarization process

Adhesives are also used in the CMP processes. These processes are carried out in many industries, including the computer industry; in which it is employed in manufacturing Integrated Cicuits. The manufacturing of such units requires the producers to smoothen out the silicon wafers to a very accurate figure. To endure such precision, the process involves the use of adhesives.

Assembly of electronics

Nowadays, the devices used by everyone are super lightweight and more durable than their former models. This has been made possible by using adhesive in the place of screws in the model of electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. The glue used for such devices is a lighter, more robust, and more reliable option.

Bonding glass and lens

Another important use of adhesives in the electronics industry is the bonding of glass and lenses. In today’s world, all major manufacturers of electronic devices are in a race to deliver more sleek, thin, and elegant models. Appearance and functionality of such devices have propelled manufacturers to seek ways other than the ordinary in manufacturing them. Hence, such devices are now manufactured and assembled using special tapes and adhesives.


The world has limited the usage of adhesives in the form of glue or tapes only. However, adhesive tapes and glues are used in more industries than you think. It is being used more than the typical bonding methods, such as welding or screwing parts together in the electronic industry. All of these uses make adhesive one of the most widely used bonding options in our world today.

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