All You Need to Know Before Going to a Carpet Tiles Supplier

Carpet Tiles

Flooring takes up a large portion of your project budget and largely determines how your space looks. Selecting carpet tiles for your space will not only give enhanced comfort and safety to your feet but also give your home or office a sophisticated ambience. But before dropping into the office of a carpet tiles supplier, you must get comprehensive knowledge about carpet tiles and their pros and cons to make the right decision.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are broadloom carpet cutouts that are mostly square and come in varied sizes — 48 x 48, 50 x 50, 60 x 60, and 96 x 96 cm. Many sellers also provide creative shapes of carpet tiles to cater to different whims and preferences: sober, bohemian, vintage, you name it. Pre-attached with hardback, open-cell cushion, or closed-cell cushion backing, carpet tiles are luxurious, attractive, and high-quality, yet inexpensive, and give your room so much personality.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles express the story of your room elegantly. Apart from the comfort they provide, there are several other benefits that carpet tiles provide to the buyer.

Easy Installation

Carpet tiles are very easy to transport undamaged at the project site and can be readily laid without acclimatisation. They are pre-backed with stubborn carpet backing to save time and costs for installation.

Less Waste

These trendy tiles do not involve much cutting and adjusting to the odd angles of the room. Thus, there is very little wastage during their installation — only about 1-3%. They save a lot of unnecessary expenditures.

Easy Cleaning

Carpet tiles are easy to clean and remove if they’re overly soiled. They can be lifted with little effort and replaced with spares that can be stored conveniently.


Wall-to-wall carpeting is a popular choice when a customer wants sophistication and plush. But carpet tiles are efficient in creating a similar ambience at a lower cost. Moreover, these tiles come with interesting motifs to blend with your personality or your brand, thereby rendering exclusivity to your room or office lounge.

Types of Carpet Tiles

When you’re choosing among the three variants of carpet tiles in the market, you’re most likely deciding upon the tufted tile. Though most buyers rely upon this variant, the other two are worth considering before jumping to a decision. Consult your carpet tiles supplier for his expert opinion.

Tufted Carpets

More than 90% of all carpet tiles in the market are tufted carpets due to their fast production, lower price, and different varieties of available designs. Though they’re considered suitable for most projects due to their budget-friendliness, they’re not the right pick if you’re looking for durability and premium quality.

Woven Carpets

These were the only choice in the market till the 1950s. Produced on a loom, they provide high quality and longevity. Woven carpets are competing hard with their counterparts and are considered for higher-end projects.

Needle-punched Carpets

While they are a practical choice due to their colourfast, quick-drying and resistance to fading, needle-punched carpets do not give the elite ambience to your room and are mostly used as entry mats.


Carpet tiles are now a smarter option than wall-to-wall carpeting due to their aristocratic look, easy installation, maintenance, and budget prices. They enhance the sophistication of your room and create a brand image for your visitors.

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