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Mugshot Removal Services

A Mugshot is a picture of you, preferably your face, which is supposed to be visible for legal purposes in case you are involved in something that composes of a criminal record, and charges have been held against you. The government officials and the other law and enforcement agencies get ahold of all your records, including details about your arrests, parole violations, not guilty verdicts, investigations, convictions, and statements.

What is a Mugshot? What is it required for? 

It is the property of the government, and most of the time, the mugshots that are taken are being made available to the media by the state law enforcement agencies; it is also considered as public record. Sometimes, mugshots are taken while the individual is unconscious, intoxicated, or disheveled. 

This has stirred up some serious controversies amidst the law and enforcement agencies in the past because mugshots are usually an essential part of record maintaining. They are taken along with the individual’s other biometric data such as fingerprints, or collecting genetic materials in some areas too.

Few Databases have been popping up recently that make unfair use of mugshots by commercializing them and making them available to the public to be used as they desire. Some ask for money in exchange for it. Still, usually, it is always made available to the public for free, which violates the code of the law and enforcement, destroying the defendant’s identity and confidentiality despite his charges being dropped or expunged.

How do I get my Mugshots Removed?

The mugshots once taken are pasted all over the internet; it certainly causes the defendant to feel somehow more violated for the crimes they have committed. But at times, even after being free from all the charges, all the records remain intact on the internet, causing them to be still vulnerable as these records and mugshots can cause unwanted crisis and hindrance in genuine works such as getting a house loan, employment, etc.

This is where Mugshot Removal Services step in to save the clutch, and various online services interact with you, provide you with lawyers inappropriate situations that may or may not require hearing sessions at the court for your mugshots to be removed. With the right paperwork submitted that proved your charges being dropped or expunged, getting rid of your mugshots is quite an easy yet lengthy procedure. 

These services claim to surf over the internet for as long as they can until they collect data regarding all the websites that may or may not hold your mugshots and your records; some websites likegoogle, bing, etc. do not allow such records to be erased, but these services will make sure that the work is done legally after getting a green signal from all the appropriate website owners. Some even claim to get them erased from the entire internet in 24Hours, and forever. If the removed mugshots start appearing on the internet again, they still got you covered with no additional cost for removing them.

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