Bedroom Storage Ideas: 8 Ways to Fit More Storage in Your Space

Bedroom Storage Ideas: 8 Ways to Fit More Storage in Your Space

The size of your bedroom doesn’t really matter. Bedroom storage is a common issue for most busy homes. You may find your bedroom not spacious enough to fit in your belongings. Fun fact, no bedroom comes with a classic storage room. However, you can create clever storage solutions within a small room space. Furthermore, it takes a bit of organization and some ingenious storage ideas to resolve the issue. 

 Moreover, many of us face the issue of limited floor space in our bedrooms. Honestly, a bedroom is supposed to fit a bed set, and a closet may be, nothing more. No worries! Here is a list of a few brilliant bedroom storage ideas that will blow your mind. Let’s get started with these ideas:

  1. Go for built-in or under bed storage
  2. Double your dresser storage space
  3. Hang your current clothes on a rail
  4. Pick long racks over side tables
  5. Create a stylish yet practical storage feature
  6. Shop for small storage units
  7. Hide the clutter under the bed.
  8. Reorganize your closet

Bedroom Storage Ideas: 8 Ways to Fit More Storage in Your Space

  • Go for built-in or under bed storage:

Under-bed storage is so far the best idea you will come across. Both built-in and under-bed storage can do wonders for you. However, you may have to custom design this bed set for yourself. Believe it or not, it will solve half of your storage problem. Under-bed storage space can hide most of your clutter in one go. Moreover, you can also add under-bed drawers to your existing bed set to look natural on your calacatta gold marble

  • Double your dresser storage space:

Indeed, dressers and drawer units are the heart of your bedroom space. They take up most of the clutter without even showing it. So, use double dressers with more drawer units. It is the best way to deal with cramped space. Likewise, pack your bulky clothes in these dressers to minimize the clutter. You can also hang a stylish mirror to make it look like a pro. 

  • Hang your regular clothes on a rail:

Sturdy and cool rails can make a feature in your bedroom interior. Ask any experts, and they will advise you to use these mobile storages. So, these rails and iron rods are the best way to keep your regular clothes near. In addition, it serves as an alternative to heavy cupboards. They take less area than wardrobes. Plus, you may use their base as a shoe rack.  


  • Pick long racks over side tables:

No doubt, side tables look great with bedroom sets. But, racks and shelves are a far better choice than side tables. Similarly, these ladder racks scale up the storage solution as well. They are compact and heightened to fit in any corner of your bedroom. So, create a stylish space for your small but essential items. 

  • Create a stylish yet practical storage feature:

Storage solutions do not have to be boring. You can create stylish yet practical statements by using wood or metal shelves. Shelves and book racks are perfect for storing and organizing your stuff without affecting the décor. So, get a sturdy and updated book rack to create a partition between your sleeping space and your working area. These wooden pieces look stunning on calacatta gold marble floors.  

  • Shop for small storage units:

One must have small storage units in their personal space. It can be an ottoman seat, woven baskets, or settees. These storage units are small, compact, and can adjust anywhere in the room without being noticed. Plus, these units are customizable and come at low prices.

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  • Hide the clutter under the bed:

Before you go for storage solutions, see if your room is cluttered. That must be the main reason you feel the lack of storage. So, use hidden bed storage or built-in features to conceal the clutter. Also, make a habit of using laundry baskets and hide them under the bed. It is the best way to get the most out of your bedding. 

  • Reorganize your closet:

Make sure that your cupboard is all set. A messed-up wardrobe can steal away much of the available storage space. So, always start by deep cleaning your room closets. See what does not belong to you anymore and discard the unwanted things as soon as you can. As a result, you will get ample space in your bedroom.

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Final remarks:

Bedroom storage is a query that almost everyone asks. Well, it is more of a strategy than a problem. Start by reorganizing your cupboards and discarding what is no more needed. Then go for under the bed and built-in storage to create space. Also, shop for rails, double drawer dressers, and ladder racks. Try these bedroom storage ideas and feel the difference instantly.  

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