7 Awesome Bridal Lehenga Hacks for Winter Indian Wedding

India and hacks definitely make sense, right? Brides of 2022 have adapted to the modern wedding nature and wear bridal lehengas as per the season.

Brides have become smarter, sharper, and aware of their surroundings. This really helps in getting through all the hardships of the pandemic wedding.

Now that winter wedding season is here bridal gowns and other attires that suit the weather are most in demand. The fabric that helps prevent cold is velvet. Imagine yourself wearing velvet embroidered attire and ravishingly walking down the aisle. This trend will never fade away as the season demands this fabric.

We know, but if you’re the bridal or a visitor, you do not really feel cold at a wedding! But there are plenty of us who can’t stand the cold, but if you’re the wife inside that circumstance, things could become a little tricky! So here are some simple marriage skirt hacks that will not only keep you warm but will also keep your bridal look intact!

Let’s begin with the kind of hack that will help you keep warm in a winter wedding:

Warmer fabric

Choosing bridal lehengas that are designed to withstand the elements is one of the nicest options you could do for yourself. Velvets are often in style, so pick styles that are on trend this season. When it comes to staying warm during a formal wedding, thicker fabrics are a must. In comparison to sheer net lehengas, materials like velvet or thick silk are far colder resistant.

Pashmina, silks, and various types of heavy khadi cotton are also exceptionally warm and sumptuous designs.

Opt for warmer accessories

Bridal dupattas that come with bridal lehengas are customizable, get one to wear on the head and a warmer fabric to be tied around the shoulder and waist. Get a cashmere shawl in the same color as your dupatta and connect it from the inside of your scarf to provide warmth when you most need it.

It’s one of our favorite wedding hacks to wear a legging beneath the lehenga. You don’t have to settle for the monotonous old aunt-type shawls anymore; you may be really creative and pair a lovely one with your lehenga!

Plus, if you are too hot, you can easily go into a bathroom and take them apart without worrying about how it would affect your appearance!

Full sleeves patterned blouses

When you’re exposed to the cold, it’s especially crucial to keep your body covered. There are so many stunning ’s ideas with coats or capes that appear so stylish and trendy these days! As a result, getting a warm cloth stitched onto your top to keep you warm can be an excellent option. A blanket that isn’t overly bulky but still warm enough should suffice. Before the big day, make sure you get a few fits in while shopping for bridal lehenga online.

Your footwear

Make sure you wear the footwear that helps in hiding your ankle well or maybe have a space to fit in socks to keeps the foot warm.

Make sure your feet are warm, and the problem should be solved. Choose juttis rather than bare shoes or heels to keep your SWAG on target while keeping you warm.

Wear some warm leggings beneath your lehenga

The best technique for staying warm is to Invest in a pair of nude or black fleece tights to wear under your lehenga. They crop just above the ankles, so they won’t show, but they’ll keep your legs wonderfully warm.

Furthermore, if your feet your ankles are heated, the whole of you will feel the same way.

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This form of material will be one of your main choices when selecting your Bridal Gown. From satin to silk to crepe, there are dozens of types of fabrics that can be used in making dresses that will support the ones who wear them every day.

The best fabric for a Bridal lehenga is one that combines the aesthetics of the dress with a good overall texture. It should be light enough to keep your body temperature comfortable, but also thick enough to look sturdy and nice.

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